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The first thoughts when i saw this poster was WOOAAAH! why did the directors miss this casting coup…the poster is sizzling enough to give u a teaser on the movie. What happens when you put two extremely hot actors together?? Furthermore you put them in characters of office politics and pitt them against each other. The result is an electrifying chemistry which these two hotties exude off and performances which they shine in. As evident from promos, its about sexual harrasment at an ad agency. Where does one draw the line is what this movie discusses and how. Till the point of a disappointing and unsatisfying climax of outburst by Arjun Rampal, the movie is gripping, fun and edgy. While you are veering towards one, the plot and arguments just throw you in a toss confusing you as a viewer as to whose side should you be on. Sudhir Mishra’s back and forth time travel narrative works in the favor of the story since its told through the protagonists but seen by those around them and one experiences two sides of the same story. The basic premise, on which the whole of the narrative rests, seems to be on a false note when its revealed later, making the viewer almost cry out WHAT THE F***.. and one fails to understand why an intelligent filmmaker like Sudhir Mishra had to resort to that. However having said that, everything said and done before the climax is definitely worth watching only because of the performances especially that of Arjun Rampal. Arjun as the CEO of the ad agency is as calm as still water and as evil as the Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen. He is suave, charming and cold. Sinking his teeth completely in his character, this has to be his bravest and laudable performance ever (yes! better than rock on!). His character watches what he is saying and that too very cleverly. Arjun brings forth that quality in a cold heartless yet with an underlying hurt manner very naturally. Chitrangada however starts off awkwardly and surprisingly uncomfortably and comes off as almost ‘acting’ rather than in character but then gains momentum and is seen coming to an ease with her character. She exudes being smart, suave and clever easily. Being a newbie to climbing to success to chanelling her inner bitch, chitrangada transforms as does her character. This is probably the first movie where the character’s transformation is seamless rather than a sudden change in the whole outlook. From portraying being hurt to the lighter fun moments, chitrangada shines. It is however the frontal interviews where she comes off as ‘fake’ . Chitrangada gives Arjun tit for tat while he too does not leave any stone unturned to turn tables onto her to beat her at her own game. The songs are ok. My fav however was khamoshiyan awaaz hain. Loved the ending. To be watched once atleast.


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