The Fantastic Frostings

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882081_10152710962710425_1574719105_o The first group show of five recent graduates of Indus Valley School of art and architecture, in the discipline of Fine Arts, was recently held at Canvas Art Gallery. Because i had seen their thesis and some of them were my friends who were showing, I had to attend and I was pleasantly surprised by their extension of thesis and how they evolved the idea. From exploration of abstract spaces and social issues to mutation of the human body, these young artists seemed to be confident and certain as to what they wanted to put down on the canvas. Varying from each other as chalk and cheese, some of these artists evolved their ideas and the process showed. While Hamida as one of the viewers commented ‘toned down the brutality’ compared to her thesis, Anum Athar Jamal intensified her drawings of space exploration moving into an escher-ish territory.IMAG0826 While Rameez Rehman has similar mirrored pieces to his thesis, so did fatima munir with her social issue embroidered sunshades. The quirky one dealing with language issues was Nilofer Kamruddin who worked with medium of laser cut and used gujrati text overlapping with urdu to show the mix of two cultures and how one influences the other. My favorites had to be pieces by Hamida Khatri and Anum Athar Jamal (featured here in larger images)

IMAG0837 IMAG0834 IMAG0824IMAG0830IMAG0832


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