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Once my friend told me ‘you think you know a man’..  Raf Simons through his second collection for the house of Dior explained exactly that. Taking ealy drawings of Andy Warhol as his muse, Simons presented his second pret-a-porte collection for the house of Dior. As Simons continued his run at the heritage house of Dior, he’s created Dior thats wearable beyond the red carpet. A certain reverbration at the show of kinship between himself and Mr. Dior was in the air which Simons presented through their love of fine art. While Simons is famous amongst art circles, Mr. Dior, in his time was a gallerist, for the likes of Dali and Giacometti.

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Now merging the signature of Dior, minimalism of Simons and quirkiness of Warhol is no mean feat, Raf Simons however achieves that very seamlessly. Taking the sensitive spin towards Warhol, Simons rattles the pop icon to suit his minimal design aesthetics. The show seemed to be like his satire towards Warhol, who everyone thinks they know, and then he breaks the very notion of what Warhol is through his own take towards the artist. What results in, is a collection that is brilliant, fun and has every look as impressive as the previous one. Using the artists drawings as repeat patterns as well as embroidered details on dresses, Simons never quite lets go of  his control to the artist. 

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While Dior’s signature silhouettes were there, they were brilliantly translated by Simon’s sensibilities, to make way for a contemporary collection. The feminine collection had lady silhouettes very visible in flirty leather dresses, while the coats transpired into contemporary coat dresses (do i hear a trend alert). Silk shift dresses, embroidered peplums and a certain houndstooth bustier with skirt were another few of the brilliances one got to see during the show. Simons is here to stay and despite having certain guidelines to follow through for the fashion house, he made sure he is going to do that on his own terms. He is not going anywhere and by the time he retires from his time at the design house, he would have left a legacy he would certainly be proud of.

P.S. Dior to take over iconic London department store Harrods for 1 month with exhibitions taking place.


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