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577909_10151815708162785_1288619192_n Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-12

Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-28   Replacing Sabyasachi in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, Anju Modi’s show by some (read me) was something I wanted to see. Seeing her earlier works, Anju Modi comes across as a traditionalist yet with her contemporary quirks. Its a pity whatever one see of this designer on celebrities, which is usually the bling, one tends to associate it with the designer. Modi however proved she is far from that. The replacement however showed she had potential but hasn’t fallen far from who she replaced.

The collection was a heavy dose of creative patriotism. Titled ‘Steel Mangolia’, the collection was inspired by Indian Military and feminity. Though she did show a few menswear too including a fun elephant printed sherwani, her main focus was womenswear complete with accessories like caps, emblems and the ubiquitous aviator glasses. Though the collection at some occassions did feel like Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s collection combined with one of Sabyasachi’s earlier shows, Anju Modi did seem to show her own voice as a designer as well.

Bringing on her detailings in the form of embroidery, Modi created embelms and badges over  pashmina, chanderi, cotton and Banarsi to show feminity and power in the same breath. Apart from that Modi used a lot of wool and silk too to complete the modern day soldier look, defying gender bias. The color palette comprised of a smooth coexistence of dark maroons, indigos and foliage green to light greys, beiges and ochre tones.

Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-21 6682_10151815708012785_778538740_n 600218_10151815707617785_1061083068_n Untitled

The long jacket-style kurtas with detailing on the lapels and worn over full skirts, structured short jackets over flared woollen pants, the berets and Nehru topis reflected the ethos of the collection. A few looks that were my picks from the collection included an elegant navy  pleated embroidered khadi trenchcoat with printed khadi wide legs, a white on white look with a white long jacket paired over a white printed saree. The list also includes a foliage green check wool short jacket teamed with a printed shirt and woolen wide leg pants. From the menswear, a woolen sherwani-esque jacket in fierce maroon stripes paired with green khakis as well as a green check jacket paired with a plain shirt and grey slim trousers were my picks. A special mention to those corset blouses with boleros.

Her effort to give the structured military trend a fresh outlook for pret was commendable since she did it without moving away from feminine clientele and bring sexy to the androgynous.

156746_10151815708182785_633228989_n 374528_10151815707577785_519353850_n 374547_10151815708407785_605734619_n 426447_10151815708237785_789363976_n 480441_10151815708747785_1134423578_n 481281_10151815708577785_1800442593_n 481366_10151815707822785_405164135_n 485926_10151815708327785_27150742_n 487416_10151815708517785_1636126702_n 487659_10151815707967785_1443736003_n 549210_10151815708342785_894590479_n 559814_10151815707807785_1953863492_n 578583_10151815707602785_1483293081_n 734168_10151815707982785_749487501_n 734457_10151815708472785_1299846484_n 734500_10151815708602785_345858417_n Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-5 Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-8 Anju-Modi-at-Wills-Lifestyle-India-Fashion-Week-Autumn-Winter-2013-9 31920_10151815707907785_933609112_n 60407_10151815707702785_1217819765_n

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