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WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora089 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora047 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora094
All eyes were on this, few seasons old designer’s show, ever since she showcased in Berlin Fashion Week last year around the same time and scored the Vogue Fashion Fund mid last year. Inspired by the Circus, Pero by Aneeth Arora, presented an organic collection that was far removed from Nomi Ansari’s circus or Karma’s Mad Hatter tea party. Sashaying down a striped runway, models seemed to have fun on the stage being in-character, which reminded me of Sabyasachi’s Parisian inspired show.

WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora075 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora069_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora066_0

For someone who had seen her last A/W show, where her play with indigoes with layers channelling bohemian vibe drew unanimous praise, I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation. Though Ms. Arora continued her run of channelling the bohemian vibe through her collection, she showed what a master art she was at layering. Fashionably comfortable was her word for the night. She conjoured up a collection that evoked the image of a carefree yet effortlessly fashionable girl. The collection rich in textiles yet contemporary in its outlook, featured checkered loose dresses in pashmina, balloon tops, loose trousers, shapeless tunics, wool jackets, striped and checkered cotton shorts, pinafores, pleated dresses, wool jumpsuits and hand knitted sweaters. These fun seperates are sure to fly off the racks once they hit the stores.

WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora046 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora042 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora036

Styled perfectly, the layered garments were finished off with colourful knee socks, striped and dotted bow ties, oversized bags and boots. Add to that top hats, balloons, cherry noses and juggling pins. For the first time probably, I saw Pero come out with a collection that played so much with the element of color and visual texture. The color palette comprised of  green, black, red, orange, maroon, mustard and white while the textile vocabulary was made with cashmere, wool, cotton, silk and pashmina as well as lots of central asian Ikats, stripes and checks.

WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora072 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora039 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora009 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora012 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora123_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora025
There are so many pieces I like from this collection that everytime I look at it, I would have a new set of favorites. A few of the favorites included a brown tunic look paired with a grey checkered lined jacket and colorful trimmed pants, a teal jumpsuit, a coral red top combined with a delish striped jacket and teal skirt. The list also includes, a striped onesie that slashes across the front, a teal and checkered tunic paired with fun ikat pants and my absolute fav was this delightful striped button down shirt with its sides taken up to reveal a checkered one underneath.

Take a bow Ms. Arora! your whimsical offering was well served.
WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora106 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora104 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora103 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora099 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora083 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora116WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora096 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora087 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora079 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora076 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora063_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora060 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora058 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora055 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora053 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora051 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora033 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora030 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora027 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora022 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora019 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora014 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora119_0 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora112 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora110 WLIFWAW2013D4S6AnnethArora126


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