Nida Not-Qalandar Mahmood

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Quirky is what we have come to expect of Nida Mahmood, and that is what she delivered though in a much more ready to wear manner. The designer known for her quirky flair and dramatic creations, titled her this collection ‘ Adventures of Capt. Must Qalandar’. The collection in her words ‘the collection revolves around the traveler who travels through time and space on his time machine.’ She Added Capt. Must! Qalandar is a very interesting character, also the muse for the season. He is a motorised flying ant, who is the re-incarnation of an old vintage bike. The collection revolves around the adventures he has traveling around”

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Aiming to combine Indian textiles with steampunk, Nida used variety of indian textiles and traditional techniques in a contemporary fashion. Textiles from various regions of India. Weaves from Narayanpet in Andhra Pradesh, rich tussars from Bhagalpur, exotic silks and some modern fabrics formed the basis of these garments. Using techniques like Kantha from Bengal, Daboo printing from Rajasthan and some modern interpretations of these techniques, she garnished them with the usual Nida-Mahmood-quirks.

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For me, however, the show mostly rested on the quirky styling, which I just loved. The clothes though were a different story. Though it was an interesting concept, Nida could not take it that much further. Yes the styling was good with fun hair and futuristic specs, however I have seen Nida do better. Much better. The collection did not veer away from her usual aesthetic and her famous sari paired with denim did make an appearance. Even the installation at the end did not help much. There is always a next time and am sure she will bounce back as there is little doubt that she is a good designer.

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One thought on “Nida Not-Qalandar Mahmood

    umairhmirza said:
    March 25, 2013 at 12:44 am

    love the styling and the name of the collection more 🙂

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