A lesson in Bollywood Fashion History

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And he is back to his comfort zone. Presenting a collection that is right up his alley, Manish Malhotra paid a tribute to the 100 years of cinema concluding the first day of Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013. This year, which marks 100 years of Indian Cinema, has 4 filmakers namely, Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibankar Bannerjee and Zoya Akhtar coming together for a film titled Bombay Talkies in honor of 100 years of Indian Cinemas. With the bollywood brigade behind him, Manish’s collection presented the same spirit through fashion.The show started with four filmmakers of “Bombay Talkies”, followed by occassional appearances of bollywood stars, obviously, namely Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, Karishma Kapoor, Asha Bhosle, Bhanu Athaiya, Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan.

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-2 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-4 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-3 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-1

The show started off with the black n white era of 40s comprising mostly of lehngas and kurtas with styling done to compliment them strutting down the runway. This was followed by the burst of colours with anarkalis and fitted shalwars and churidaars made popular by the actresses like Sadhna, Madhubala and Meena Kumai. Then came in the the era of  polka dots and the flower power and wrap saris popularized by Mumtaz, and checkered jackets of Rishi Kapoor, followed by modern apparel. The designer went all out and brought the bollywood glamour to the fashion show, in his theatrical presentation. Though not flashy, his clothes had that theatrical appeal, which was needed for this kind of presentation. You need drama when you are showcasing Bollywood, so why hold back. OTT, Bollywood glam and theatrical are the labels that are usually associated with the designer and he wears those labels out and proud.

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-7 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-41 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-39

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-35 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-24

A far cry from his Phulkari collection (which was a pleasant surprise), this collection was sort of what we have come to expect from Manish, given the theme. Though not much of a fan of Mr. Manish’s glam designs, one has to give him credit to bringing and revolutionizing the fashion in Bollywood by dressing characters. Having said that, the did show some good pieces which I think deserve mention. My picks had to be neon sari sported by Priyanka, A black and white sari with embroidered border and blouse, The light coral jacket worn by Siddharth, the brown sari with bling border and the gold double layered jacket. Also not to forget, the bandhgala sported by Anurag Kashyap with its graduating details.

P.S. we did get a hint of the phulkari collection he did on Karishma Kapoor.

Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-10 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-9 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-8 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-6 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-5 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-15 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-14 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-13 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-12 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-11 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-17 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-16Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-21 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-19 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-18 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-27 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-26 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-25 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-23 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-22 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-32 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-31 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-30 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-29 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-38 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-37 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-36 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-34 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-33 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-28 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-45 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-44 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-43 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-42 Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-40  Manish-Malhotra-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-46


*Images from stylemeindia.com

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