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23lfw-aarti-vijaygupta5 Famous for her doodle prints last season, Aarti Vijay Gupta made quite a splash and a U turn in her career in that collection. While her debul collection may have caused ripples, for me its always the second outing to see how much one is able to sustain the momentum. With AVG I was not too impressed but was not disappointed either. Continuing her run of quirky prints, AVG presented a collection deeply rooted in patriotism. Maps, post stamps, indian tiger, space ships,  and gandhi images dominated most of her collection. While one couldnt help it compare it to Mary Katrantzou’s collection, when one looks near home, one tends to draw comparision with Munib Nawaz’s collection and Khaadi Khas’s ode to karachi collection. However the concept of print is where the similiarities end.

Taking on the trend of prints for summers, Gupta gives us a functional collection that is easy on the eyes. Using repeat patterns for colorful post-stamps, she cleverly combinied them in androgynous jackets. While some featured a mix of stamps while others used the same ones over and over again. There were shift dresses, jackets, saris, jumpsuit and jacket dresses wherein she brought in a cultural twist to the silhouettes, blended with textures such as lush raw silk and pure silk khadis.

My picks of the night was this jacket with a collage of array of stamps, a jumpsuit styled quirkily with similar matching specs and a jacket dress that looked sexy and cute at the same time.

544249_10151299211165936_2128422279_n 526531_10200933978850934_797310763_n 1862_10151299217830936_180299026_n

A simple and contemporary presentation, AVG succeeded to much effect into staying true to herself, yet for me personally, she had set the bar too high for herself with her previous collection, n did not reach just there. She finished off the show with Misti Mukherjee and Roni Roy as her showstoppers for the night.

23lfw-aarti-vijaygupta3 23lfw-aarti-vijaygupta4 735043_10151299218165936_1508586589_n 562648_10151299216375936_1900955202_n  531583_10151299216050936_927908392_n 487683_10151299214775936_456341539_n 388460_10151299216655936_1816950576_n 269376_10151299212900936_821766754_n 261216_10151299217685936_938252151_n 246469_10151299208800936_1859254174_n 8849_10151299215170936_1879545047_n (2) 7974_10200933978370922_2024142528_n 7573_10200933980850984_1635417311_n 63066_496479393733647_1850257519_n

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