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Finally we see a full fledged menswear collection on the runway. Titled ‘Out of Sight Out of Mind’ the collection was an ode to the cyclists of the yore. The show highlighted a shadowy traveler and someone who is an adrenaline junkie along with a stylish state of mind. Taking inspiration from cyclists and combining it with his love for vintage, Khanna created a well structured menswear collection that was hip, trendy and on a roll. As he puts it ” Travelling in style really turns me on. Especially the older ways of transport: the vintage cars, the bikes. Since I’m an avid cyclist, my collection is going to be all about cycle style. I love the whole culture of. There is a whole underground cult that exists in many countries and that’s what I’ve used as my inspiration.” And that is what precisely he delivers.

Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-21 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-20 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-19 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-18 (1) Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-4 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-3 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-2 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-1

Tying his love for vintage to his theme and making it all contemporary, Khanna succeeds in presenting a sharply tailored collection that was effective to say the least. The outfits ranged from military jackets, blazers, bomber jackets, safari coats, casual jackets, paired with modified cycle shorts and pants. He showed off his love of vintage through vintage aviator jackets as well as contemporary camouflage jackets. Furthermore spotted were leather biker jackets afterall if a biker can wear them, why cant a cyclist. Through contemporary variations of classic bandhgalas, Khanna did not shy away from bringing traditional to the modern man. A well tailored collection which I would not mind getting my hands on if given the chance.

Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-8 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-7 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-6 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-5 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-14 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-9 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-25  Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-10

The models sashayed down the runway in a dark set atmosphere and textured runway gave the collection a very medival tone. Colours that were used were mainly black, purple, red, military green and yellow. The looks were accessoriezed mainly with hats, cycles, scarves and messenger and duffle bags which were very carefully chosen

My only gripe was the harsh phantom-of-the-opera-esque styling of the models which seemed a bit too distracting from the clothes as well as the shade of neon green used. A good collection nevertheless.

Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-22 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-16 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-15 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-12

Picks from the show: A bandhgala with safari-esque pockets, a shirt with pockets on the arms, a navy blue bandhgala suit as well as a checkered smoky grey jacket paired with black waistcoat, trousers n orange tie.

Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-17  Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-13 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-24 Arjun-Khanna-at-Lakmé-Fashion-Week-Summer-Resort-2013-11


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