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Deepak and Fahad’s latest outing METALLISTIC thrived on metallic details. Trending on the spring summer trend of metallics, the clothes were studded with rivets, spikes and studs. A major step up from their last collection DnF, the name their label goes by, has come a long way in terms of putting up a fashion collection.

_MG_9889 _MG_9869 _MG_9849 _MG_9830

With a color palette that ranged from beiges, creams and browns to grey and navy, the collection majorly comprised of menswear with a few pieces of womenswear thrown in. Accented with metallic details, what resulted in is a collection that was minimal, well put together albeit safe. What I also liked about the collection was also that footwear was given and thought out particularly as they too were spiked and studded. Accessorized with the gold shutter glasses which drew applause from all ends.

_MG_9884 _MG_9863 _MG_9845 _MG_9827 _MG_9900 _MG_9880 _MG_9861 _MG_9842

In terms of silhouettes, though I felt the collection lacked variety as well as innovation. Though the silhouettes ranged from classic suits, bandhgala to jumpsuit, I felt it could have been a pushed more. Also, in my personal opinion, as much they improved upon the feedback they got last time, this time around I had problems with constructions of some of the garments including jumpsuits for women. Also in terms of aesthetics I felt the metal accents and their usage could be tweaked a bit more for balanced visual appeal.

_MG_9825 _MG_9896
My picks from this one were  a beige dress with studded pockets and a navy bandhgala suit with horizontal metal accents.


*image courtesy Kashif Rashid


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