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_MG_9956 Delving into luxury pret, Zari Faisal’s debut outing PLUSH had ample amount of vintage floral patterns, nets and rich fabrics. As she described her collection as ‘the collection really comes together as something out of a dream from the past’ and ‘drawing inspiration from old oil paintings.’ In my opinion the collection though had much retail potential but failed to make certain impact on the audience. Though not bad for a debut it was definitely one of the better ones from the ‘debut lot’ that was presenting through the Fashion Pakistan Week.

_MG_9976From blush pinks, corals to beige, golds and silver, the collection was such that it was bound to find takers among the luxury pret goers. Keeping it light and airy, Zari’s garments were not too experimental and were quintessentially pretty. The silhouettes ranged from jumpsuits to easy seperates including skirts, tops, high waisted pants, choli, lehengas, sheer coats, as well as dresses and a sari. Sheer was another trend that came up through out this FPW. Zari too used sheer fabric for coats as well as layering her lehngas. Since I have seen her other work, I would personally like to see her go more fierce in terms of a fashion presentation.

_MG_9928Using a variety of fabrics ranging from nets, chiffons, silks, and floral prints. Using vintage floral print is not easy but Zari made it look effortless in her collection. From layered skirts to boleros the print was combined with loads of silvers as well as hand embroidered and crafted motifs and blockprints made for some cute looks. Apart from that Zari also showed her eye for detail where she showed technique in layering wherein what seemed like sheer net strips were stitched over floral prints creating some simple yet effective layering, giving that extra edge to the vintage print. 

_MG_9952 _MG_9908For her debut Zari though played it safe and stayed in her comfort zone. It is waited to be seen where she goes from here. My picks for the night was this cutout back jumpsuit in silver ( I liked the bit of surprise at the back), a silver bustier,print bolero and coral lehnga look worked together nicely.

_MG_9947 _MG_9944 _MG_9941 _MG_9936 _MG_9926 _MG_9919 _MG_9914 _MG_9990 _MG_9986 _MG_9980 _MG_9970 _MG_9968 _MG_9963 _MG_9960

*Images Courtesy Kashif Rashid


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