Wanna board the Orient express?

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While I believe textile mills and companies have no place in a fashion week unless they are introducing their pret line. From the past few months with an overdose of lawn wars of sorts among brands, have sort of turned me off from the concept of lawn unless the print catches my fancy. We have come to expect a certain type of garment and styling from lawn categories and thus Orient’s collection was no different. Steeped in their lawn collection, the silhouettes were regular and boasted ample amount of prints and embroideries. Though most of it was dominated by florals, however there were two prints that caught my eye. One seemed to be inspired by calligraphy and interestingly done what seemed like urdu script reapeated over. Furthermore an Ombre effect print in black too caught my fancy. However the show belonged much more to the textile category than fashion.
_MG_0018 _MG_0012 _MG_0010 _MG_0006 _MG_0001 _MG_0087 _MG_0079 _MG_0076 _MG_0073 _MG_0069 _MG_0066 _MG_0059 _MG_0053 _MG_0048 _MG_0043 _MG_0040 _MG_0036 _MG_0031 _MG_0028 _MG_0025


*Images Courtesy Kashif Rashid


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