Jungle Fever!

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It is very hard to come up with a collection that, unanimously, draws negative criticism from all corners. Mona Imran’s latest outing begged one to be saved from the jungle. Tackling the theme of Safari, Mona Imran’s collection was high on cheetah and leopard prints paired with black. Using the philosophy, Mona Imran’s colleciton however failed to make any positive mark on the runway.

Using a range fabrics including chiffons, silks, the cut out scallops jersey (see christian siriano’s collection he used the same fabric in gold and how) Mona Imran’s womenswear line seemed dated. Browns, blacks and golds dominated the color palette while the silhouettes ranged from minis and cropped pants to plain jane jumpsuit to skirts. There was hardly anything that we have not seen before. A special mention to the skirt with a printed square patch in the middle..eek!..and a mini dress with spiked hemlne had me thinking ‘female tarzan’ and reminded me of Silk Smitha much to my horror effect. Mona needed to check her aesthetic (which was apalling) and needed to be screened by the council.

This should not have made the cut. Mona Darling! the world will not address u as loin of fashion anytime soon

_MG_0221 _MG_0224 _MG_0218 _MG_0212 _MG_0207 _MG_0203 _MG_0199 _MG_0195 _MG_0187 _MG_0182  _MG_0240 _MG_0234 _MG_0232 _MG_0229 _MG_0227 _MG_0244

*Images Courtesy Kashif Rashid


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