A Studded Affair

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While many would bring up Gucci’s SS 12 collection in comparasion to this, I think the use of gold and black is where the similiarities ended (and to be talked about in the same breath as Gucci and that too in a debut show…cummon who would not want that). A fellow designer and my classmate at the Aamna Haider Isani’s Fashion Media 101 Class, this was one show I was looking forward to. Through her collection she FOUND GLORY and how! With a color palette of black, gold and white, Aamna Aqeel’s collection was the sexy luxury show that made everyone sit up and take notice. She seemed to take every advice given out in the class resulting in a seamless presentation.

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Aamna’s collection was sexy to say the least. From edgy ready to wear to red carpet, she had it all. Using gold metallic details (trending) in ample amount, Aamna’s collection had a range of fabrics from silks, leather, chiffons, jersey and lace. A restricted color palette let her experiment with silhouettes ranging from gowns, skirts, coats, caped tops, pants, dresses, hotpants, rompers and jumpsuit. Pulled back hair helped her clothes literally shine and made the overall look of the garments fierce. While for ramp though the garments were exaggerated, am hoping their trickle downs would be out there for fashionistas to get their hands on.

_MG_0516 _MG_0473  _MG_0524 _MG_0521

The collection for me had just two minor hiccups. one was this gold printed pleated 60s skirt did not go well in the collection and could have been edited out. Also a pair of slashed leather pants did not fit well and would have worked better with the right fit. But these were just minor gripes and did not take away from the fact that the collection was cohesive. A designer to look forward to, it is waited to be seen what Miss Aqeel brings forth on the ramp on her next outing. The models were accessorized with studded metal gloves. Sarwat Gilani was the show stopper for her fashion presentation.

_MG_0503 _MG_0506 _MG_0526 _MG_0541


_MG_0470From the collection my picks were these pair of leather and fabric pants, the liquid gold jersy gown with black top, the metal studded bustier that was coupled with a pair of hot pants and cape, the shirt cape worn by Sarwat Gilani (yes it was indulgent and OTT but looked fun), the metallic lace and net shrug and this contemporary jewellery piece that was worn by the model (would like to know who designed it for her).

Take a bow Miss Aqeel. You did good.


*Image Courtesy Kashif Rashid

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