De-coded FPW Day2

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IMAG1621 IMAG1615

IMAG1617 For Day 2 of Fashion Pakistan Week I went for a much more ‘toned’ down look as my work colleagues put it. While I had an option of going with the red pants, I decided against it (though i still took a vote) . What resulted in was an understated look. Pairing up a basic white shirt by Stitched Up (yes its one of those local brands and I happen to be friends with the designer), a knit jacket that I snagged up from Cambridge, Dark teal denim pants, which were not too in your face color happenning and finally added a bit of a quirk (which i just had to) through the bright green cute outfitters moccasins-meet-loafers.


While we are at it, my friend and work colleague also attended Day 2 with me. She wore a specs print kurta similar to what I did for Tuba. Aqsa however paired her kurta with black tights, Gold leaf shaped earings, a bright Magenta envelope clutch and gold slippers from Vinci.

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