Faiza Saqlain and Baani D

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Faiza Saqlain’s debut outing MARVI seemed more like an extension of what might have been her thesis. Her collection was aimed at being inspired by Sindhi folk crafts and embroidery. Embodying bright colors in her collection Saqlain’s presentation was more on the lines of what we had already seen on the run way. Therefore a sense of deja vu prevailed over this show, and how many times, have we seen many others ones do similar ethnic way better than this. One should not touch this rustic theme unless one is ready to bring something new on the table

Of what looked like Fnkasia mixed with Wardah Saleem, Saqlain’s collection needed that fine tuning for a ready to wear presentation. While the bright reds and oranges dominated the collection, the fabric strip weaves looked straight out of Wardah Saleem’s Jhirki collection. While one might contest that no one owns the right to the weaves, but one does need to understand that if someone has already shown it, you need to come up with a better idea with the same concept. One of the outfits had the white print layout similar to that of an embroidery I once saw in a fnkasia show.

While it could have been in an interesting show, the designer needed to understand that it was ready to wear and needed to edit out quite a few garments from her show. The silhouettes included jumpsuits, dresses, tops and woven pants with embroidered patches incorporated that did not make for an appealing presentation.

BAANI D:  After two successful shows, Baani D was given the finale for Day 1. The theme that the label worked with aimed at Sairaiki belt meeting the world. Working with the similar ‘folksy’ theme, however the brand was not quite lucky the third time. Presenting a range of prints, the collection,for me, seemed to pale in comparasion to their previous showings.

The assortment of fabrics included cottons, chiffons, nets and crepe lawns. The color palette ranged from teal, chrome yellows, blues, burnt oranges and greens. With Saania Saeed as their showstopper, Baani D tried too many western silhouettes with their this collection. Palazzos, tops, jumpsuits, blazers, coats, dresses. While there is no harm in doing so, combining them with ethnic prints and textiles, needs a certain kind of balance which they seemed to have miss out on this time around. Playing too safe, Baani D’s collection did little to impact the audience,, that was already too tired due to a string of eleven shows before it, to sit up and take notice.

There were few things that actually did not sit quite well in the collection. Saania Saeed’s ensemble stuck out like a sore thumb in a collection that was steeped in western silhouettes. If the celebrity’s image does not go with your collection, select someone’s who does. Furthermore there were two dresses where Baani D tried to play with the sheer trend. However, these two dresses were fitted from the top and gathered right above the bosom area. Now that might have worked had it been artfully done, but here they seem to just emphasize the area without any justification in terms of design (shift dress would have worked better…see MASABA) or balance.

But no worries, I am sure they would hopefully bounce back with their next outing.

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*Image Courtesy Kashif Rashid


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