The ethereal Shamael

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Veteran Shamael opened the day 2 of FPW with a collection leaving all the ladies breathless. The ethereal presentation from beginning to end, was literally a dream sequence of clothes. Using digital prints as her medium, Shamael’s take on Japanese art and styling it all in her way, drew praises from all quarters. A totally different experience from last season’s Sanam Chaudhri, Shamael did her interpretation of the Oriental inspiration. Exploring the relam of digital printing, Shamael’s collection was literally the glimmer of hope we needed that good things were to follow.

_MG_0781  _MG_0774  _MG_0830 _MG_0822

The sensitive color palette ranged from pearly pinks, beiges, browns and greys with a black outfit. The digital prints were nicely done had Shamael experiment with silhouettes without overpowering the prints (rather using them to her advantage) creating interesting effects. The ‘murals on clothes’ as I like to call them were done on fabrics such as chiffons, silks and georgettes. The prints were enhanced by the use of embroideries and complimented them perfectly. The delicate looks even had the use of Japanese dyening techniques like shibori and thus added much more depth to her collection. Furthermore the visual texture along with these prints made sure that one found something new in the garment everytime they look at it.

_MG_0805 _MG_0799 _MG_0796 _MG_0789

One also got to see Japanese inspired silhouettes too in the show. The kimono inspired tunics, square sleeves, the knots incorporated tops, the draped dresses, the sheers, the layered tops, the handkerchief hem dress, all of these made up this delightful collection. Another good thing that like Maheen Khan, Shamael too understands the team effort behind the show and therefore called the team on the ramp along with herself for the final walk. While Shamael’s design aesthetic is not meet my personal one, there were quite a few pieces that caught my fancy. A one shoulder embroidered jumpsuit was the perfect shade of pink, The grey knotted top was a winner hands down and the print on the pants was just so perfect. Another thing that I liked was the cranes print that was done on black. oh-so-perfection.

_MG_0765 _MG_0775 _MG_0808

This Oh-so-Shamael collection was perfectly accessorized by custom made accessories ranging from hair sticks to earings that complimented the collection. The styling was done by Ehtesham ansari.

_MG_0819 _MG_0814 _MG_0811 _MG_0839

*Image Courtesy Kashif Rashid

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