Ayesha Ibrahim-Obaid Sheikh-Ishtiaq Afzal

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Ayesha Ibrahim: Swinging to the sixties, Ayesha Ibrahim’s debut outing did not hold sway or positive attention from the onlookers. The collection that was inspired by the ‘sixties’ , was high on color and fun music but that is where it ended. Miss Ibrahim’s ode to sixties did not seem to impress many. While the statement glasses did make an impact, a fashion show primarily about clothes, was just not that.

While the collection played on the sheer trend with many pieces, she combined it with retro prints like checkered. The collection was a colorful array of oranges, purples, yellows and whites. The silhouettes ranged from layered dresses, sheer tops, embroidered bodices and sheer tops, metallic accented pants, jackets, churidaars, skirts and sheer dresses. The fabrics ranged from chiffons, nets, silks and cottons. While she may have been spot on with the trend this was another sheer (after Baani D) to go wrong.

For someone who has been designing clothes for quite a while now, the clothes were a disappointment. While the embroideries were not flattering at all, her fashion aesthetics needed to be seived too. The orange embroidered patches on the purple halter neck, the embroidered bodice paired with yellow skirt, the medallion on the crotch, the print emphasizing the crotch area were few of the pieces which made people wonder how did she make the cut.

_MG_1080 _MG_1083 _MG_1086 _MG_1089 _MG_1092 _MG_1095 _MG_1098 _MG_1104 _MG_1107 _MG_1111 _MG_1115 _MG_1118 _MG_1123 _MG_1127 _MG_1130 _MG_1132 _MG_1146 _MG_1135 Obaid Sheikh’s collection titled ‘Elise’ majorly relied on solid colors from pastels to sharp hues. While the collection had womenswear as well as menswear, the presentation lacked quite a bit in terms of making a mark.

The colors went on from mint greens, blues, beighes, tea pinks, olive green, whites, yellows to bright pinks, blues and magenta. For women while the silhouettes ranged from dhoti, kurtas, tunics, tops, pants, dresses, long bohemian tops for women to bandhgalas, kurtas and suits for men. The fabrics included cotton lace, chiffon, crinkle crepe, muslin, and cotton.

This was another one of those collections that elicited whispers from the crowd regarding the decision to include the designer for a showing. While fits of some of the dresses was really off, while some of the others seemed plain sloppy and neither here nor there. Especial mention to this tea pink top and what-seems-like-dhoti.  The embroidery was nothing home to talk about (after AnY’s Kashmiri u think u could top that) and was rather lackluster to the point of being poorly executed. My pick was this magenta suit from this collection and the rust bandhgala only (the pants had this awful fit). Madeeha Saeed who was the showstopper for the brand, had a sari sloppily draped around her. Nothing upsets me more than a sloppily draped Sari. One note to the designers: If u cant do it, do not show your mistakes to the world. Its a ruthless world as it is. Play upon your strengths.

_MG_1339 _MG_1342 _MG_1346 _MG_1352 _MG_1356 _MG_1361 _MG_1265 _MG_1270 _MG_1273 _MG_1276 _MG_1281 _MG_1285 _MG_1288 _MG_1292 _MG_1296 _MG_1298 _MG_1305 _MG_1307 _MG_1310 _MG_1314 _MG_1318 _MG_1321 _MG_1326 _MG_1329
_MG_1335 To quote a fellow blogger, “if Splash and Gulabo had a baby, this is it!”. Ishtiaq Afzal’s collection that was inspired by Bulgarian motifs was quite high on bright colored embroidery. While the colorful collection would have been hard to ignore had we been not served two back to back colorful collections prior to this one.

The collection comprised of dresses, tops, a variety of pants, jumpsuits, dresses, jackets, coats, trousers and shirts, sheath and tops of varying lengths. All of these were accented with the colorful embroidery which was the basic premise of Afzal’s show. Using a variety of fabrics, Afzal’s collection however failed to leave an imprint on the audience.

However while better than the other two, Afzal still lacked quite a bit. While he had a few things going for him, others were to ill fitted to ignore. Resonating Akif Mehmood quite a bit, however the collection failed to live up to the same sway. Also one needs to realize because the clothes are going under the arc lights every flaw and every misstep is maximized to its full potential therefore the construction issues are the ones that actually make or break the garment. Furthermore the embroidery, which was his basic element needed to be used wisely. There was no point (read strange aesthetics) in highlighting a crotch area. Similarly embroideries on the back pockets of the trousers does nothing but highlight the backside of the model. These things need to be realized so that such mistakes could be avoided.


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