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Now who wouldn’t root for a guy rocking a pair of hot pink pants. Never in my short blog history I got so excited by a Lawn brand. Kesariya’s foray into ready to wear was one of the neat presentations for the night. While everyone expected them to show the usual silhouettes of long flowy ensembles, Kesariya presented quite an antithesis to everyone’s pleasant surprise.

With little bow and white headbands, nicely done hair, matching umbrellas, the cutesy presentation definitely worked in favor of collection. Strutting along in sets of similar hues, the collection was presented in mini sets of sorts. Possibly the perfect embodiment of lawn being ready to wear and presenting it in silhouettes that echoed everyday wear, the collection hit the right notes on all corners. From buttondowns to straight tunics, to layered ones to to longer ones to lace pants, straight pants, churidaars the collection had it all. While the colors were neons oranges, greens, pinks and powder blues, have to give it to them for nailing the perfect shade of these tones.

_MG_1060 _MG_1003 _MG_1032 _MG_1048

While the prints were simple, I liked the fact that they did not go overboard with the things and let the simplicity shine through. My picks from this collection: a neon pink look with white print and white lace pants, a black printed tunic, a ralli cutout hemmed orange ensemble and a powder blue floor length dress. I think I need to visit their outlet soon enough and see if these prints are available as they look delish enough for me to make kurtas for myself (hoping they have the fabric too).


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