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aarti sim sanias ego sim sara rezvee sim

When one of the blogs presented a preview of Sania Maskatiya’s collection Naqsh, my immediate reaction was Aarti Vijay Gupta meets amped up ego by Sarah Rezvee(ego by W11 Studio) . While not being a fashion police here of any sort, personally for me this sort of similiaty was very uncanny. While the grid pattern was along the same lines as AVG, the illustration style of one of the prints was very similar to that of Sara Rezvee ( I actually had my doubts confirmed & No they did not hire her for it). However having said that, Do women care? No, Are Women still going to throng her store in Karachi as well as the stand alone one in lahore, opening on 25th April 2013?? Definitely and why because Sania’s advantage lies in her fabric. She understands the fabric quality and over the past two years has built that reputation of proving high quality along with some good prints. Coming back to the collection, the cartography was quite an unusal inspiration coming from the brand considering its usually takes its inspirations from culture and customs. With its colorful summery print presentation, Sania presented her latest outing just before the break on day 2.

_MG_1495 _MG_1501 _MG_1380 _MG_1384 _MG_1466 _MG_1477 _MG_1488 _MG_1450

From doodles, stripes, postage stamps to leaves, grids and ships, Sania presented it all in a range of teals, yellows, pinks, offwhites, browns, greens and oranges. To her credit I have to give it to her that she may have been inspired by simialr concept as AVG and ego but she changed it around much to suit her own signature style. She presented a range of straight tunics, high waisted and plain cigarette pants and coats in silks. While some of the tops were tucked in (right on trend), the longer tunics were easy on style. While some of the back long front short tunics were easy breezy summery, while I felt on one of the tops the drapes at the back did not quite sit well and felt a bit sloppy while on the other tunic the cowls on the front seemed a bit misplaced (or rather it was model’s posture).

_MG_1396 _MG_1401 _MG_1407 _MG_1412

Also while usually Sania’s show is high on styling, this time around it felt sort of like a simpler presentation was in order and something seemed a miss. The expectation maybe came from the fact that we have seen the brand do better. Buns and knots with black shoes made up for the look. I will be looking forward to what Miss Maskatiya presents in the PFDC show. From this collection the yellow combined with black n white and green look, the stripes with teal pants, the yellow jacket as well as this top that Tatmain wore, with hand print on her back had an inverted box pleat inserted in between the hands, which made it look like the hands were pulling the print, was a very clever use of print were my picks of the night. Furthermore since we have seen Miss Maskatiya balance commercial and creative together, I would like to see her step into edgier arena of things for a change while maintaining her signature.

_MG_1388 _MG_1392 _MG_1457 _MG_1475

_MG_1417 _MG_1515

*Images Courtesy Kashif Rashid


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