9 to 5

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Collaborating with Wardha Saleem was ont of the best decisions by the leather giants Jafferjees. Primarily a bag show, the clothes were done by Wardah Saleem and styling by Nubain Ali. Titled ‘just colors’, the bags were just that. Crafted to the best of details, for which the brand is known for.

With 9 to 5 plying in the background and the clock doing the countdown, I really liked how a leather brand did a fun conceptual show without being OTT or overbearing. Brownie points for Wardha to actually design the clothes such that they did not overpower the bags and rather helped in enhancing the visual effect of it.

_MG_2127 _MG_2151 tMSa5iDiORtkzckXwkZquhlLTs_zEswnD0wdTIrx6pc _MG_2220

My picks were this wine colored bag, the perfect tone, the yellow briefcase (would like to see a guy carry that off with swag), electric blue handbag and a yellow messenger bag.

*Image courtesy Faisal Farooqui at Dragonfly and Kashif Rashid

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