Ordeals of Hajra Hayaat and Hasina Khanani

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Hajra Hayat’ s ‘combeback’ was better left at being not back at all. While the collection was dominated by pastel tones and electric blues, the silhouettes comprised of dresses, gowns, seperates and frocks. There were some attempts at playing up with the sheer trend, however embroidery took over most of the collection. Some of the dresses that were badly fitted made for an odd sighting on the ramp while the rest were garishly embroidered. The collection failed at being subtle and the visual aesthetic of the designer in some cases appeared pretty appalling. Some of the sloppy drapes, oddly fitted dresses and no pants under what seemed like shirts made up her collection.

For a designer who has been ‘designing’ for so long, it was a pretty forgettable showing.

_MG_2407 _MG_2413 _MG_2418 _MG_2431 _MG_2441 _MG_2456 _MG_2466 _MG_2470 _MG_2487 _MG_2286 _MG_2294 _MG_2299 _MG_2311 _MG_2317 _MG_2325 _MG_2335 _MG_2345 _MG_2351 _MG_2357 _MG_2365 _MG_2371 _MG_2381 _MG_2391

Hasina Khanani, who usually works with denim, did not make an exception this time around either. The collection that was steeped in womenswear had a single male wearing a denim kurta. Going luxury with denim, Miss Khanani’s showing, however, failed to make a positive mark like her London presentation.

While Hasina Khanani started off with some interesting washes on denim, she seemed to lose the plot as the show progressed. Combining it with jersey, chains, chiffons, net, cottons in a myraid of different silhouettes like seperates, kurtas, jumpsuit, dresses, tops, tunics and gowns. While in some pieces, though OTT studding worked in Aamna Aqeel’s collection, here it just flat on the face. From light shades, to darker tones, Khanani used them all in her collection.

She showed potential in some simpler pieces and thus needs to keep things in check to have more hits than misses.

*Image courtesy Faisal Farooqui at Dragonfly and Kashif Rashid


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