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527169_503486056353124_879105108_nUnder the open sky on 17th April, arranged by Catalyst PR was a music video launch of Adnan Malik’s latest music video at Cafe 76. The video titled ‘My Punjabi Love for You’ was an experimental sort of music video which was based on the song of the same name by Bambu Sauce.

The story is about a female protagonist (Aamina Sheikh as Parveen Bano) who overcomes the challenges thrown to her and her troubled relationship in the society towards men. Mind you its not preachy at all. The video was chic and kitschy at the same time. With Aamina Sheikh kicking some serious butt, the video had everyone cheering for the team once it was over.

Adnan Malik, for his venture, seeked inspiration from classic Pakistani cinema and martial art films. Putting Aamina through rigorous training, Adnan Malik’s video trumps in putting forth the equality message without it being too preachy, while keeping the entertainment value intact. As a souvenir, the poster (above) was given in the form of a magnet.

MY PUNJABI LOVE FOR YOU//BUMBU SAUCE from Adnan Malik Productions on Vimeo.

The event was sponsored by STONEAGE

* Note: Check out the song, Adnan Pardesy’s Jacket from Fall/Winter 2012 makes an appearance in the music video.

Farhan Wahid Faryal Jumani & Neelo Rizwan Ali Jaffri Zoe Vaccaji Adnan Malik Amna Seikh & Mohib Mirza Anoushey Ashraf Ayesha Omer Faizan Haqquee


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    […] medium) displayed works by these children. Later in the evening Adnan Malik’s music video MY PUNJABI LOVE was screened outside. The event was a definite crowd puller as it was too crowded and it took me a […]

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