The season of Collabs

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Its all about big industry giants to collaborate in with designers to develop brands and that is what Bonanza did. Hiring Maheen Karim and Sanam Chaudhri for their brands to introduce pret wear, Bonanza aimed to reach a wider audience apart from the masses that they cater to.

Organized by Catalyst PR, the event also included a fashion presentation. While Maheen Karim stuck to her aesthetics roots, Sanam Chaudhri showed off her contemporary flair. Maheen Karim’s line bordered on semi formals and Sanam’s tilted more towards everyday lose tunics. Due to my personal aesthetics, I liked some of the tunics by Sanam Chaudhri, however Maheen Karim’s was not my cup of tea. Some of the prints were really nicely done. However if I had to be nit-picky, someone like Bonanza should have gone for to create their original prints rather than getting them from local market as spotted one of the tunics by one of the designers.

The overcrowded event was attended whos who of the fashion industry owing to it being one of the major collabs in recent times. It is now waited to be seen how these collaborations translate into sales and if bonanza is able to break into the niche market it has so far eluded.

Sanam Chaudhri (13) Sanam Chaudhri Zoe Vaccaji Maheen karim (3) Maheen karim (10) Sanam Chaudhri (5) Sanam Chaudhri (6)  IMG_3835 IMG_3848 IMG_3932 IMG_4157 IMG_4163 IMG_3823 IMG_4212 Group IMG_3888 Sanam Chaudhri (14) IMG_3920 IMG_3939 IMG_4182 IMG_5271


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