Shoot, Get Treasure, Repeat

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The plays performed at The Second Floor, were high on drama and performance. Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and Nimra Bucha, the presentation was actually three short plays that were Fear and Misery, War and Peace and Crime and Punishment. Though it my first theatre viewing of Sarmad and Nimra, the plays were brilliantly performed. While I did not like the fact that people brought in young children since the play had explicit language. The plays were stationed in different sections of the floor and moving around was quite a bit of a hassle, but the performances more than made up for that complaint. The sets were made in accordance of the setting and loved the attention to detail from flickering light bulb in an interrogation unit to the the elements of set. The artists particularly Nimra Bucha, Sarmad showed why they were best in the business. Easily switching in between roles with convincing performances, for me, it was eerily goose-bumping performance hours after the plays were done. In attendance also were Amin Gulgee, Sanam Saeed and Sarwat Gilani amongst the audience.
IMAG2172 IMAG2173 IMAG2142 IMAG2145 IMAG2148 IMAG2151 IMAG2152 IMAG2153 IMAG2154 IMAG2163 IMAG2167
IMAG2169 IMAG2170 IMAG2171


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