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FNKAsia 26-4-13 (1021) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (979) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (602)
FNKAsia 26-4-13 (549) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (392) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (728)
FNKAsia 26-4-13 (215) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (122) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (167)
Fnkasia’s Bengali collection made its way onto the PFDC ramp with the bohemian vibe that the brand is known for. Titled East of Bengal, the collection was presented starting off with one of my fav songs Ekla chalo re, written by Rabindranath Tagore (but why the tamil music??) .  Inspired by the the lush rainforests, tree plantations and ancient culture of Bengal, the collection presented a range of silhouettes in a myriad of colors albeit with hits and misses.

Starting off with sharp hues, Fnkasia ventured off into mature solids. While the colors ranged from Sappy greens, oranges, blacks, saffron and reds. On an impressive note, they nailed the tone of red and saffron… though here in pictures its not the same, its the perfect sharp hue of red that was needed. Using a multitude of prints, Fnkasia deconstructed the sari to give it a new twist through a range of draped tops. A bit of a Kolkata nostalgia for me. With interesting lowers adding to the effect, the brand presented an interesting mix of draped and constructed silhouettes which consisted of lowers, skirts, tops, dresses, togas.

FNKAsia 26-4-13 (839) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (931) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (361) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (794)

However there were a few misses too..the pale blue color did not fit into the scheme of things (though the garments were interesting and fun drapes) , nor did a green top with black panel on the back. The white top with tiered pants, and the orange lowers and green top seemed off the grid too and lacked to gel into the collection. Also the contemporary print on black did not seem to fit into the traditional textile palette which the brand used and therefore stuck out.  The glittery embellishments are something that I have not seen fnkasia do so that was an unusual turn (though not my cup of tea but does not mean its not everyone else’s…liked it on the yellow though).
FNKAsia 26-4-13 (325) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (675) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (441) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (276)

There were however some fun things that I really liked from the collection. The first Sari was as kitschy as the brand gets, working that sheer trend with a sheer black top over orange jumpsuit, the printed black shalwars and the red solid toga top with lowers. I also liked what Huma herself walked out in. the yellow and white drape with black blouse (masaba deja vu but worked)
FNKAsia 26-4-13 (1086) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (661) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (491) FNKAsia 26-4-13 (91)
FNKAsia 26-4-13 (1162) *Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly

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