Elegant Elan

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Elan 26-4-13 (39) Elan 26-4-13 (1215) Elan 26-4-13 (1083) Elan 26-4-13 (992) Elan 26-4-13 (954) Elan 26-4-13 (886) Elan 26-4-13 (822) Elan 26-4-13 (602) Elan 26-4-13 (543) Elan 26-4-13 (475) Elan 26-4-13 (447) Elan 26-4-13 (411) Elan 26-4-13 (346) Elan 26-4-13 (249) Elan 26-4-13 (169) Elan 26-4-13 (76)
Khadija Shah’s ‘Ode to Nightingale’ resulted in a some poetic oriental prints that she created. While inspired by Keat’s poem, Elan presented a collection that is bound to find many takers due to its appeal. Heavy on Chinoiserie style prints featuring the nightingale, of course, as well as fishes, birds and plants, the collection could have used a few solids too. However the digital prints made for a serene collection.

Working that sheer trend as well as using fabrics like silks and chiffons, the collection had a range of ensembles from jumpsuits, high waisted structured and draped skirts, bubble skirts, separates, the pantsuits, the kimono inspired tops, and cigarette pants. The color palette moved from Mustard yellow to blues, greens and black. While an embellished divided top and the chenghiz khan printed cape seemed odd in a collection that was an ode to the freedom of a nightingale from the terror(unless she was making a satirical reference which I doubt that she was). n embellished top with printed pants too made to my non impressive looks. the rest of prints prints on silks and chiffons were a delight to watch. Using sheer to much effect, many of her garments were layered, however she could have gone one step further in juxtaposing prints on prints to create interesting effects. But nevertheless a good collection.
Elan 26-4-13 (711)Elan 26-4-13 (698) Elan 26-4-13 (674)Elan 26-4-13 (642) Elan 26-4-13 (288)

My picks, what Khadijah wore herself… the blush pink with the vintage roses skirt, the black godet inserted pants (that was one damn good well stitched pair on the runway), the moon print dress and the fish print were amongst my favs from this collection. And that concluded Day1’s Act 1
Elan 26-4-13 (757) Elan 26-4-13 (216) Elan 26-4-13 (1039) Elan 26-4-13 (1305)


One thought on “Elegant Elan

    Maliha Rao said:
    May 2, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Saweeeeet 🙂 I liked what Khadija was wearing her self. Even though her clothes were loose fitted the finishing loked good even on the Live stream. I am sure you being there it was clearer 🙂

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