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Admist all the fashion frenzy, models falling and tripping on the runway, there were some pretty little distractions during the fashion week. Sunsilk collaborated with four fashion houses wherein launching four designer edition bottles that were exclusively designed by the designers. The fashion houses namely Maria B, HSY, Karma Pink and Khaadi, launched one edition each day of the four days of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.

*loved the Etro jacket on Shamoon

khaadi IMAG3890 IMAG2838 IMAG2261

Also the ponds sneak peek lounge gave one a teaser into the next day’s collections as to what the designers will showcase.


Furthermore for those with a sweet tooth a magnum bar was also setup where one had an option of assortments of toppings to go along on the magnum after its dipped in liquid chocolate. From the looks of it Tapu Javeri definitely had fun making his own.

IMAG3385 IMAG2257
IMAG4447 IMAG4446
IMAG4445 IMAG4444

Organized by Catalyst, these activities were a hit amongst the fashion goers.

*Images courtesy Umair Mirza and myself


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