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HSY 29-4-13 (1302) HSY 29-4-13 (1190) HSY 29-4-13 (1168) HSY 29-4-13 (1122) HSY 29-4-13 (904) HSY 29-4-13 (843) HSY 29-4-13 (808) HSY 29-4-13 (614) HSY 29-4-13 (513) HSY 29-4-13 (421) HSY 29-4-13 (370) HSY 29-4-13 (338) HSY 29-4-13 (252) HSY 29-4-13 (229) HSY 29-4-13 (175) HSY 29-4-13 (298) HSY 29-4-13 (998) HSY 29-4-13 (1547)
HSY’s spring summer 2013 collection BELIEVE was the finale presentation of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Starting off with around 25 hunks in ‘I ❤ HSY’ t-shirts and trousers in colors that I want to own one of each pair, the luxury pret collection was presented in sets of monochrome color palette.

While the embellished and embroidered womnswear was strictly okay in pretty much controlled silhouette, it was the pastel menswear that was literally the fresh breath that everyone (esp men in the crowd *raises hand*) were waiting for. The womenswear in chiffon silks and laces, was in a variety of silhouettes of dresses and tunics of varying lengths although all of them were embellished. While he nailed the lime green color, at many occasions it was the gladiators (which he was introducing on the show) that brought the look down and were its undoing. The blue lace dress with its silhouette did not work, nor did the huge ice blue cape with those summery capri look. Neither the front gold dress with chiffon worked for me
HSY 29-4-13 (572) HSY 29-4-13 (680) HSY 29-4-13 (931) HSY 29-4-13 (1082)
While he scored low on the embroideries (though was pretty but at many occasions too overdone), he scored high on the choice of color using pastel tones of blue, peach, green and browns.  Menswear on the hand was surprisingly very good. The ombre effect, print, embroideries and pastel shades all came together for a perfect outing for a guy who was looking for fun menswear within conservative restraints.

My picks, LOVEEED the minty green ombre suit, the peach ombre, the camel colored suit sans the embroidered shirt, the subtly printed suit from menswear,. Also was sold on this color of lime green pants, and notch collar safari inspired jacket was interesting  From womenswear I liked the draped tunic in peach and the bloused sheer embroidered dress in blue. And the trousers of each one of those guys, Loved the hues.

HSY 29-4-13 (745) HSY 29-4-13 (152) HSY 29-4-13 (482) HSY 29-4-13 (1037) HSY 29-4-13 (725) HSY 29-4-13 (403) HSY 29-4-13 (643) HSY 29-4-13 (93)
HSY 29-4-13 (37) *Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly.


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