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Wardha Saleem (22)
Now its really hard to criticize a collection of someone who has been your teacher and a friend and you have seen her grow from strength to strength as a designer. While being the one who has no patience for favouritism or taking sides for no reason I do try to be as logical with reason, for my reviews with whatever little I know, as possible. Therefore I will come right out and say it. I FREAKING LOVED IT. The doodle collection, was by far one of the favorites of mine this season. Starting off with a very cute video (which I was told was made in a day), what followed was a fun collection that has all the Wardha elements that I have known her for.

Wardha is one of those designers who have managed to surprise us everytime with her outing. Be it the vibrant SINNED, the understated JHIRKI or the fun FOLK PLAY, she has managed to keep our interest alive as an audience, making us wait for her next outing every time. With her fun and contemporary design sensibility, she has managed to come out trumps everytime. Showing off a variety of silhouettes, she presented a range of short tops, tunics, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, pants, summer jackets and a delectable SARI (that had glares of all the ladies in the audience) . She also threw in a pant suit that completely blended in the collection without looking like a miscast.

One of the few, who mastered the art of blending in embroidery and print in an aesthetic manner that, at the same time, is wearable. Her colourful embroidery combined with the black and white doodles were not only fun but had us wanting for more. The surreal doodle prints could easily be a figment of someone’s imagination taking in to their subconscious world lending in a sort of alien quality to the prints. The embroidery too however was unusual. Apart from the usual materials, incorporated in design amongst all also were computer chips, metal wires and going as far as wood. Combining that effect masterfully within her garments, Wardha put forth her best foot forward succeeding with flying colors.

Also loved the fact that she is one of the few designers to pay attention to accessories and their details. Loved the geometrical wooden earrings with carved in doodles.

Brownie points for no drama, theatrics or anything of that sort and let clothes be the stars of the show. One of the very few collections where I liked almost everything therefore cannot pick a singular look and for the same reason am layouting the post in a way that all can be enjoyed in continuity.

Wardha Saleem (2)*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly

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