Prints Galore at Khaadi Khas

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Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (79) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (111) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (217) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (317) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (626) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (734)
Khaadi Khaas showed their spring summer 13 collection. Rocking to the Moroccan n Arab music with similar influences in their collection from the region, Khaadi’s look was sort of a mixed bag with good and interesting as well as some dated pieces. While it was a much more refined look from the brand for a relaxed yet glam outing.

The prints roamed around a very paisley turkish territory, interwoven with black and white accents. In a relax and lean silhouette, Khaadi’s collection included kaftans, tunics, jumpsuit, printed and plain palazzos and capris, shrugs, short tops,  as well as floor grazing lengths. While some of the exaggerated-for-ramp tunics were fun, the floor grazing tops/dresses and long length kurtas, did not make the cut for me and felt a bit maternity due to their extra loose shape. While I do understand that these came in from their region’s inspiration, however could have been done in a contemporary context to suit the trend bill.
Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (23) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (156) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (275) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (677)
But it was the delectable prints that did the trick for me. While there was only one Kaftan tunic, where the print looked overwhelming on the model, the rest were fun. The merging into black and whites and the b/w prints combined with colored ones produced some interesting print on print effect, within the same print itself. Eclectic yet commercial, these silk garments were fun and are bound to sell like hotcakes as soon as they hit the stores

Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (390) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (409) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (475) Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (524)
Khaadi Khaas 29-4-13 (581)My picks, the aqua printed palazzos, the self printed jumpsuit sans the shrug, the print of this upper was very interesting, the print on print look of these seperates was just oh-so-chic and the black tunic with exaggerated printed sleeves fun (pity no one is gonna wear it like that and I am not a woman).

*Images courtesy Faisal Farooqui and his team at Dragonfly


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