Hitting the right notes

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IMAG6673 Ever since the launch of his album ‘Circus in the sky’ (yea I attended that), one or the other pieces from his album are a constant feature on my playlists. Since the launch of the album, Usman Riaz has been going from strength to strength. This musical genius and the recent Lux Style award nominee, Usman Riaz, recently held an evening at The Second Floor. Given his repute, the place unsurprisingly, was packed. For me, Usman’s unconventional use of conventional instruments, to create that perfect harmonious music is quite intriguing. I have heard his music before but its always an experience to see him perform live and listen to his musical cinderella journey ( it has all the elements to be adapted to a film and that too at such a young age). Usman discussed about his music and how he came about learning and experimenting via Youtube (all the more reason it should be un-banned). But it was also the first time he was making an appearance of sorts, after his TED journey wherein he toured and got to play with his mentors as well as people he admired. Apart from sharing experiences, in a surprise bit, he gave a sneak peek of upcoming video of the next single that he is planning to release from his album CIRCUS IN THE SKY…and let me tell you, its nothing short of spectacular. Usman has his head firmly on his shoulders, is not afraid of making mistakes and rather learn from them and is a perfectionist who strives to do better with every attempt of his. Go and give his album a go, its available on ITUNES too, you just cant have enough of this guy’s music and anticipate what will he come up with next.

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