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Christian Baez picks out his best menswear looks from the Cannes Film Festival

James Franco: It seems as though this handsome dapper knows how to pick out the right fashion executions- or must have a pretty smart stylist. His blue Gucci suit welcomed the sunny weather, with perfect summery pant lapels that gave a relaxed aura. I would normally opt for a more slimming and tailored look, but I can see how this look works for an event like Cannes! James’ black Gucci suit asked for a more sophisticated and groomed look, something his people did almost well. The navy tie only complements his entire blue color wheel. My only objection with both looks have to do with his personal grooming. A nice shave (and maybe a comb) wouldn’t have hurt.

James+Franco+Creative+Coalition+Dinner+Cannes+kBWvREERHHcl james-franco-66th-cannes-film-festival_3674814 james-franco-66th-cannes-film-festival_3674807 james-franco-66th-cannes-film-festival_3674806

Zachary Quinto: Something about this entire look speaks European Avant Garde- and I like it! Though oversized jackets are not really a personal favorite, we can trust McQueen to work his (well, her) magic and make us believe that they are the only thing right in this world. Zachary brings sophistication and a sense of mystery with this look. Loving the big lapels and shiny bowtie!
Zachary+Quinto+Cannes+2013+Alexander+McQueen+1 Zachary+Quinto+Lost+Premieres+Cannes+EAFSl3Aze9vx Zachary+Quinto+Lost+Premieres+Cannes+kLkpSerw3kEx All Is Lost Premiere

Adrien Brody: Can people ever get enough of this man?!? Though he’s probably one of the best actors (and most overlooked) Hollywood has at the moment, Adrien brings in an androgynous take on his fashion statements. His Burberry Prorsum tuxedo might seem like most tuxedos we see on any Red Carpet affair, but this one speaks to us in a whole other language! The entire suit runs smooth in texture, with detailed shiny texture on the lapels and around the pockets.
Adrien-Brody-Burberry-Cleopatra-2013-Cannes-Film-Festival-Premiere-5 Adrien-Brody-Burberry-Cleopatra-2013-Cannes-Film-Festival-Premiere-2 Adrien-Brody-Burberry-Cleopatra-2013-Cannes-Film-Festival-Premiere

Thom Browne: Though I was rooting for this man to take home this year’s CFDA award for Menswear Designer of the Year, there is no doubt about this man’s brilliant and quite obnoxious designs. What I like about this look is the asymmetry this whole look brings! Implementing formal shorts on a suit adds an intriguing juxtaposition, reminding me of Scottish men in kilts- to which I can only endorse! The entire look transforms Thom to a reckless preppy stud, hence the detail on that vest!

Tom Hiddleston: One thing that stands true, is that gingers can have a trick or two up their sleeves! Tom brought color and life to Cannes in a breezy and quite sexy McQueen suit! Pulling off a monochromatic look isn’t as simple as it sounds, and yet this man makes it look so easy breezy! The only reason this look works for him is because, well, of his pigmentation. What really made this look for me was the unbuttoned dress shirt, adding more character to the ensemble! Most men would add a relaxed tie to the shirt, but that only ends up looking tacky and quite unappealing.
tom-hiddleston-tilda-swinton-only-lovers-left-alive-cannes-photo-call-07 tumblr_mnexpoaGPZ1r84c46o2_r1_1280 tumblr_mnd0468SpL1qeuzrdo2_500 tom-hiddleston-tilda-swinton-only-lovers-left-alive-cannes-photo-call-13

Christian Baez’s specialties include fashion writing, personal styling, and promoting emerging fashion businesses. He can be reached via Twitter @mrchristianbaez.

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