TONI&GUY: When Hair Met Wardrobe

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TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Launch in Karachi from TONI&GUY HMW on Vimeo.

A few months back, Toni&Guy launched its range of hair meet wardrobe product range for men and women for perfectly styled hair. While I had not jumped onto the blogging bandwagon just yet, though I was aware of the event taking place in the city, therefore was not able to attend it. Finally, the video (shown above) of the event was released and I saw that it was as spectacular as I was told.

HAIR MEET WARDROBE is basically a concept, a philosophy that a look does not have to be just about clothes or an individual element, but on the the look as a whole from head to toe. Everything from hair, to makeup to clothes n shoes should be in sync to create a complete look. This idea is something that I, as a fashion designer, agree with too that its different elements that need to come together in harmony to create a wholesome complete look.

While the HMW products are hair products, its the styling how one could achieve that was showcased at the event. While the womenswear were provided by Feeha Jamshed (we got to see the full collection this PFDC week) and menswear by Republic by Omar Farooq, for styling, famed hair stylist Mark Hampton was flown in by Unilever.  The jewellery was provided by Kiran Fine and Catalyst PR and Marketing’s Frieha Altaf hosted the event. Later in the video one can also notice Zoe Viccaji jamming at the event.

Organized by RAK Associates and PR by Catalyst, the venue looks brilliant from what one can see in the video. The contemporary british echo in the setup, the telephone booths, the pristine chic interiors, the ipads setup, seem to create a very impressive affair and one of the few events that I wished that I attended. Launched to a select group of bloggers, fashionistas and journalists, the launch was a star studded affair with celebs in attendance celebs Adnan Malik, Saira Yousuf, Tapu Javeri and more.

Mark Hampton, Global Hair Ambassador for HMW, explained each of the looks that he created on the runway, how he created it and as well as answered questions from the audience while enjoying his interaction with them. While the hair were styled by Mark, the makeup and styling was done by Asma Mumtaz. Creating four distinct looks “Classic, Creative, Glamour and Casual have been inspired by and developed around individual yet timeless fashion themes, making every style possible with a Men’s collection included to help guys express their personal style.”

Now someone who likes to try a certain products of repute for my hair, (yes it is too personal since these curls have a mind of their own) TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe’s salon inspired products is such a welcome change since I already use the fizz free spray by TONI&GUY. Recently these products were launched in the local market and I was told by a friend that I should definitely go before they all are snagged up. Am so looking forward to that trip. Though I still feel that I missed out on meeting MARK HAMPTON since from what I heard, this 28 yr old hair professor is fun to talk to about fashion, styling and everything in the middle…but One DAy Mark! Definitely One DAY (psst! I would definitely like to know what he would suggest for my noodle curls :P)

For now! I’ll settle for the video

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    Nida Moughal said:
    June 12, 2013 at 12:41 am

    Oh I like your curls..

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