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Now in the swealtering summer heat, I was craving for a haircut since the curls had gone out of control and needed a break from them. While I have quite a few admirers of curls, its still a task to manage them, much of which I actually don’t mind. Having longer hair for pretty much two years now, I was sort of craving for a bit of change. Now mind you, while I am much of experimentalist in terms of hair, I would rather not change my hairstylist and choose to stick with either Rashid at Nabilas or Sajid. However this time around I decided to take the plunge and try out the newest N-Gents that has opened up on 26th street.

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An initiative to provide Men with facilities hardly provided by men’s salons around Karachi, this off-shoot of Nabila’s hair care for men has a chic appeal once you enter the salon. While the chic wooden furniture mixed with minimal outlook, I really liked how it was all done. While the general cutting area was on the ground floor, other services like full body massage, body scrub and exclusive cutting areas were located on the first floor and were available for a nominal fee (depending on the services required). Thankfully the whole of the interior has been kept practical and fuss free without any ornamentation.

Now for my look. I usually let the hairstylist work through my hair, after a brief discussion and guidelines as to what and what not they can do and this time around it was not different either. While I was looking for a shorter length and the kind of look I was wanting, what I forgot to mention was thinning, which the hairstylists tend to do and here too it was done. Though it reduced the heaviness of my hair, and reduced the burden to a great deal, it did reduce down the volume too. However since it was my first time, I am not complaining and am told its recoverable, so all is good. The only minor gripe that I had was that my hair, since they are curly are either cut semi dry or damp, however here they were pretty wet before the cut begun.

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However, while it all may sound like a whine, I am pretty much happy with how the look has turned out. Have been receiving compliments for the same and therefore have been recommending to anyone who needs one since the services are pretty much affordable (trust me on that and they do a FAB job). Maybe it was the hairstylist’s intent to shape it and cut my hair a bit short than expected ‘coz he pretty much understood that it was sort of a long term look without worrying about the trim and all (yes I told him I was too lazy). What was altogether more amazing was after the cut, the stylist actually shaped my hair via a hair styling chalk by Kstyles and making my hair go up without an excess natural curling happening to the hair (something I haven’t been able to do…like ever ) and they actually stayed there 😛 … HAPPy-NESS….

Hopefully N-gents will provide an all ending solution to men’s grooming issues and is definitely going to be


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