Nida Azwer Atelier Launch

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Looks like the SEASON of STORE LAUNCHES is upon us. Nida Azwer recently opened up a retail store in the newly opened Ocean Tower. While I had missed out on the opening of her Lahore store, (comparision on the two later), I wouldn’t want to miss this one out. The Indus Valley Alumni had her (and mine) teacher Ms. Shehnaz Ismal inaugrate the store. While the claustrophobic mall was indeed in its early stages of having stores opened up, Nida Azwer’s white store was definitely amped up the floor. But its waited to be seen how much does the store holds up in terms of sale.

The clothes comprised of the Nida Azwer’s pret line THE WHITE LABEL, the fashion week collection which included tunics and jumpsuits with digital prints as well as her semi formal and formal clothing line which she is known for.  While i liked a couple of jumpsuits and digitally printed shirts, I wasn’t too excited about the studio screen printed tunics, that left much to be desired on the design front. While some had overturned buildings, others lacked in some quality of printing.

The store is a horizontal white store with two levels and echoing Nida’s chic sensibilities. However it was her Lahore store that she opened up a month before the karachi one, which was much more ‘exotic’ to say the least with its visual display of clothes and sectioning of areas of display. While this store, designed by the YOC’A team headed by Ahsan Jamil Bilgrami was chic and minimal, it lacked a certain luxe feel to it, which was in ample amounts at the Lahore store courtesy the caged mannequins and the 3D logo of Nida Azwer’s humayun/peacock hybrid bird. While I liked the clean lines of white and gold of the store, they missed out a bit and shifted away from the luxury-ness of it being a Nida Azwer store.


One thought on “Nida Azwer Atelier Launch

    Maliha Rao said:
    July 27, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Goodone…believe it or not I keep forgetting there is another level to the shop lols

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