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Another Indus Alumni Sania Maskatiya also opened up two of her stores this year along with producing two collections for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week and Fashion Pakistan Week. (A daunting task on paper!) Before I discuss anything about her stores, I need to mention the brilliant timing at which the designer’s team launched their store scoring maximum publicity for their product. While the Lahore store opened up just a day before the PFDC and second one just before RAMZAN ( attending the launches and going around while fasting n dressing up takes a toll). Clearly the business brains (read Umair Tabani) is working well in terms of expansion and a lot could be learned from their business strategies

Designed by the YOC’A team and my juniors at school (couldn’t be more proud), Sania Maskatiya’s second store launched with much fervor at the retail spot, DOLMEN CITY MALL. With PR by Lotus, the well attended event was definitely one of the better launches I have attended in the recent past. The nicely done lounge in the space in front of the store, the location of the store however is not very mainstream since its tucked in a corner on the upper floors but if you want it, you will come to get it. The two display windows were a bit reminiscent of the Sana Safinaz store, however the chic interior proved otherwise. the center panel running on the ceiling with dilating cubes, gave an illusion to the store of it being much bigger than it was (always a good thing). With racks on either sides and sitting area in the middle with Signature Sania print upholstery from her Uraan collection.

Compared to the Lahore store (which i only saw in pictures since i missed its launch), I liked this one much more even though it did not cover as much square ft as the Lahore one. Seeing the pictures of the Lahore store, the unfinished brick walls was a good rustic element but did not go well with the chic, clean and polished look of the the tree shaped racks that did not sit well in the environment it was placed in for me.  The two contrasting elements the wall and the racks did not come together. However I LOVED The iron lamps with exposed wires transitioning between rustic to chic, but had it been the white store, it would have worked better for me going into an Alexander Wag-ish store territory . Because these analysis are based only on the pictures, there is a possibility of me being wrong (note: need to check out the store on my next visit to lahore).

Umair Tabani & Sania Maskatiya Sania Maskatiya Lahore Flagship Store Sania Maskatiya Lahore Flagship Store (2)

While the clothes were from Sania’s collections, she also introduced a line of cotton tunics and ensembles for summers which were screen printed, embroidered and embellished. Most of the clothes comprised of geometric islamic motifs (an underlying recurring theme with her in recent past) with seperates from her recent collection Aghaaz and Naqsh. Like Khaadi has its stamp on chevrons, Sania seems to be determined to make her mark through her interpretation of these geometric patterns. Furthermore the store also has a rack dedicated to menswear (YESS!!) of which a simple chevron black and white with red details and the blue kurta worn by Umair Tabani definitely caught my attention.

Also venturing out into accessories, Sania launched a range of very chic and bohemian jewelry which was snagged up by anyone who had an eye for good fun accessories and by my next visit, had unsurprisingly sold out. 🙂

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