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Sorry for the sudden inconsistent of blogs but WordPress has been adding to my woes apart from the busy schedule that I have. Admist all of the mess, Veet Beauty awards provided the perfect oppurtunity to get decked up for the event. While Veet has been promoting and introducing new modelling talents, to the fashion fraternity, the awards celebrating that beauty were a first for the brand.

Knowing that the event would start ‘fashionably late’, unconciously, I too, joined the suit. Going for a semi formalish look (those of you who follow me on instagram know what I was wearing), I arrived at the event a little later than I hoped I would. Despite that, the event that was scheduled to start at 9, was delayed by 2 hrs.

Pink Carpet (1) Pink Carpet (4) Pink Carpet (3)

The Red carpet was traded with a pink one to suit the brand’s image. The set up was simple and nicely done without much fuss. The Decor details including floral arrangements and sitting stations as well as quite an amount of cupcakes, added in the subtle feminine glamour to the whole setup. ARY and IRIS Events this time around got together for the event. The event catering, was managed by Chef Saadat.

Yildrum, Maliha Rao, Owais, Saba Chaudhry and Umair Mirza

While I had my moment on the pink carpet too with fellow bloggers (above), the Pink Carpet was a story on its own. While some of the celebrity styling was bang on (thanks to Nabila and the team) others were plain tack-tastic and left a few of us wondering if they really checked the mirror before stepping out to the realization that they were attending an award ceremony. While my top three were Fauzia in blue slit gown by Zaheer Abbas. The striking blue, the thigh-high slit, red lips and statement earings with slick back hair, what was there not to love this look. Sana Sarfaraz cut a pretty picture in Sana Safinaz. The soft waves and the nymphic vibe suited her to a T. Aamina Sheikh in an outfit selected by Nabila (The mistress of ceremonies changed it up for the award ceremony in a sharp Maroon gown with metallic heels and just looked HOT. Period.). Now this was just plain simple glam on red carpet. The color, the minaudière were bang on. Minor gripe on the pearls but she looked good nevertheless. The worst dressed ones… well lets not get my claws out just yet!! 😛

fouzia-vcb2013 10113 Aamina Sheikh (2)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While it was a good sign to see celebs experimenting with different designers (since last time we had sixteen of them sporting the same one), they need to realize that if they do know about people being dressed up by a certain designer then switch it up, also why not try someone else, there is always next time to make it up.


As far as performances go, the first performance of the night which was a dark-room performance with lit up men dancing to the beats of songs was literally the height of the evening, and raised the bar too much in terms of expectations from these awards (i was told it was still better than the other certain award ceremony that took place earlier this year). It was literally MIND BLOWING in terms of its visual presentation and everyone of us sit up and take notice (since it was pretty late when it started).

Opening Segment - VCB 2013 (4) Opening Segment - VCB 2013 (9) Opening Segment - VCB 2013 (10)

Mehwish Hayat was literally wasted in the performance along with a female singer. Lets make one thing clear, we have seen and heard way better tributes than this for Madame Noor Jehan. And what was that garish outfit she was wearing!! Someone commented that if mcqueen were to present this outfit then you would….. darling mcqueen would never present such monstrosity on ramp. The peacock, the prancing around the stage and surprisingly not so prepped up background dancers didn’t leave a good taste. To top it all, the singer and Mehwish chose to do a full song rather than a medley!! How exciting *rolls eyes*

Dance Performance featuring Mehwish Hayat (9)

Ali Azmat rocked the stage with his performance of his song admist Ali Xeeshan’s presentation to go along with his outfits. While more on the outfits later, Ali Azmat literally brought the house down with his songs that had everyone grooving to his beats. While some of people had noticed up his choice of footwear on the stage, I was all the more thankful not to turn up in exactly similar outfit avoiding an uh-oh moment.

Fashion Segment - POP featuring Ali Azmat and Ali Xeeshan (3)

Zoe Viccaji simply nailed the Nazia Hasan Aap Jaisa Koi and presented a befitting tribute while heralding the retro era segment of the night. The background dancers and performers however were a much more painful story that is the less said, the better. They were a total misfit to the whole performance, which would have been pretty much darn effective, if Zoe would just have one spotlight on her, sitting on a stool with a mic singing a softer retro ballad, aka Amy Winehouse.

Music Performance by Zoe Viccaji paying tribute to Nazia Hasan (5)

The last performance of the night, after the end, was by the latest Bollywood import Sara Loren was simply appalling to say the least. Gyrating to her songs, Sara Loren didn’t cut much a pretty picture nor did her dance. While the garish Pink outfit was the stuff the nightmares are made of, the performance wasn’t too impressionable-to-be-remembered either. Yes I understand that you are trying to ape bollywood, but doing it nicely wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Finale Dance Performance featuring Sara Loren (12)


Winners in bold

  1. Most Beautiful Smile –  Mehwish Hayat, Humaima Malick, Mahira Khan, Mahreen Raheel and Syra Yousaf
  2. Most Promising Model of the Year –  Saima Azhar, Sehrish Bukhari, Sana Sarfaraz, Sana Khan and Huma Khan
  3. Best Posture – Nadia Ali, Amna Ilyas, Rubab, Faiza Ansari and Cybil Chowdhry
  4. Miss Catwalk – Mehreen Syed, Fouzia Aman, Amna Ilyas, Iraj Manzoor and Faiza Ansari
  5. Most Beautiful Skin – Ayyan, Ayesha Linnea, Mahnoor Baloch, Rabia Butt and Juggun Kazim
  6. Miss Photogenic – Aamina Sheikh, Ayyan, Amna Ilyas, Saima Azhar and Nooray Bhatti
  7. Miss Elegance –  Iman Ali, Aaminah Haq, Mahnoor Baloch, Sonia Jehan and Reema
  8. Beauty of the Year – Ayyan, Ayesha Linnea, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick and Mehwish Hayat

A multitude of acceptance speeches, except one, pretty much concluded on the note of being unexpected. Uh Huh!!

Like my fellow blogger MALIHA RAO did say, it would have been nice to come up with much more creative awards, rather than just boring and pretty much unoriginal categories.

The event had more misses than hits but was pretty much a good effort put in. ARY Productions could have done a better job especially with the lights which pretty much blinded us, the ones sitting right upfront. No flaws on the PR & Marketing front so brownie points for Lotus PR. Styling and Creative Direction by N-Pro was good and pretty much balanced. It showed who was styled by them, and who wasn’t. Choreography by Nadia Hussain was ok, and the models did manage to execute it, with a few mistakes here and there. Dance Performances were by Act One, all points solely for the opening act.


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    Like the Direct and Honest review 🙂 Simply enjoyed reading it! *applause*

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