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Well taking cues from Marcel Floruss ‘s blog on personal style, which he does all so effortlessly, I decided to do so something on similar lines. While I may not come even remotely close to his look (thanks to his modelling skills, height and genes) I just thought to try it just for fun. Since I do post my outfits on Instagram so why not discuss them here too. While on Thursdays I would discuss my previously put together looks, throughout the week, I’ll discuss any look that I put together and find it interesting to share.

IMAG7169 IMAG7177 IMAG7176 IMAG7175 IMAG7172

I’m wearing two colored Pants (c/o  Leisure Club ) / Button down white shirt (c/o Leisure Club ) / Slip on shoes from a random shop (am an impulsive buyer)

Today, starting off with a bit of a throwback thursday, I picked out a look from the loreal fashion event that took place a few months back. I got these fun neon yellow front and poppy pink pants from Leisure club. Probably one of the most daring and as I have been told and I quote ‘eye piercing’ things that I have ever worn. The pants are a lot of fun both ways and thus keeping the focus on them only, I paired them up with basics with a white button down pleated shirt from Leisure club and black slip on shoes that went perfectly with it. I am not much of an accessory person (i keep fiddling with them and it usually ends in their demise), therefore I kept the look accessory free.

One thought on “Paddle Pop

    Maliha Rao said:
    September 28, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Hello Beautiful! I nominated you for “The versatile Blogger Award” Get rolling 🙂 Check it here:
    Awarded: Versatile Blogger Award ❤

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