Not A Fashion Week Day 2

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Gulabi GULABO: Gulabo’s fun eccentric collection ecompassed and celebrated Karachi in all its glory. One of the major high street brands around, It showed its spunky fervor in its presentation. From prints comprising of buildings to truck art imprinted tunics and embellished berets, it was indeed a brilliant opening to Day 2. Keeping up the high energy vibe throughout the show, the array of tunics kept us wanting for more. While a couple of prints did make a reappearance, i did not mind it since it came together well. A special detail that caught my attention i.e. spray painted school p.e. sneakers that complimented the outfits brilliantly.

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Deepak’s FRIDA goes to Kharadar: While one can catch my review in my coverage for FPW, Deepak took his frida notches higher from where he concluded as the finale. Kitschy, fun and vibrant, Deepak’s frida collection, while similar as well as an addition of a few more prints (the chainak (kettle) one), was fun at its best. Streamlining the silhouette to a much more sleeker and chic form, Deepak scored high on keep it minimal accessorizing with the frida printed bags. Sans any drama this time around, Deepeak toned down the OTT styling yet keeping the essence there, resulting in a fun collection that had everyone take up notice that he had taken his collection forward and made new pieces rather showing the previous collection

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Mistress of SPICES: Starting off with a dramatic rani background song, Fnkasia’s latest presentation took everyone by surprise by its much more toned down treatement. With solid drapes coupled with streamlined cigarette pants and churidaars. These were enhanced with zari, print and applique treatements. Furthermore the tribal jewellery added to the ensemble just added the right amount of zing. Huma Adnan is aware of the concept of sending trickle downs of the runway shows to her retail stores. Furthermore she has been retailing abroad (Kimaya and US) that gives her that added experience. Doing shows abroad too, she has taken the brand to places. Combine that with fierce business acumen of her husband and you have a winner.

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Debutante: Another debut on the runway, this time around it was daughter of Farnaz Mustafa (who showed on day 1), Umaima Mustafa. Unlike her mother, the daughter fared much on the runway front. Starting off with a nude plaette and moving off into neutrals, the show was pretty much a decent showing and like her mother roamed in the territory of semi formals and formals of though younger audience. Loved the bronze sequin pants cybil wore. However the fringed pieces and a peacock colored blue and green finale piece that did not belong in the collection and had the collection going all over the place. As a designer one needs to know where to stop or go all OTT.

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CONTRASTING ELEMENTS: One of the impressive shows of the night was by Fahad Husayn, who’s much more demure color palatte was combined with his usual fierce and structured elements. He brought together two elements of being feminine and edgy together. He played around with layers and one of the interesting features was the pants with contrasting materials coming together giving off an illusion of knee length boots. Well played Mr. Husayn. However the inclusion of a sole male model seemed a bit contrived and forced. Also could have done away with the usual OTT headdresses. The collection was effective on its own.

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BHAM BHAM: Ahmed’s Bham’s take on the chic evening wear suits was a perfect fit for every model that was wearing it. He knows his fit right and had it going on for him, for the most important thing in any garment has to be the fit particularly a suit. The patterned and solid separates, jackets and vests were bang on simple without much drama to let the clothes do all the talking. Also one of the better choreographed sequences, the presentation was a winner all the way

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NOT UPTO THE MARK: Ayesha Ibrahim was one of the WHAT THE HEYY moments on the runway. The clothes sort of felt dated and while one could see her attempts at layering with net, it went all the wrong way bordering towards naughty lingerie and satin robes that were pretty tasteless and failed to make an impact. The applique and embroidery techniques combined with that silhouette didn’t appeal to much. The treatement of the fabric along with the silhouette went awry, and let almost everyone to think why was she shortlisted.

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SHAMAEL: Shamael’s OTT presenation was one of those moments that had me going on again ‘this is not a fashion week’ … while the oriental prints and loose tunics and silhouettes were a reminiscent of her last collection shown at FPW, the flower accessories, the choreography seemed to be too dramatized and seemed rather forced because it was a finale. One should have enough confidence in the clothes for them to be showstoppers with complimentary styling rather than going all drama. While there were fewer pieces compared to others, it was a typically shamael showing. However what was a concerning thought was, that while she caters to select clientele, how would the veteran fare in retail

The 2 day show was pretty impressive considering the lineup of the designers with more hits than misses. The timely beginning and end of both the days was bang on, ending up at decent time, which is no mean feat considering the two fashion weeks. The timely PR by Tehmina Khaled of take II did a fab job. While HSY’s choreography is always as good, this time around, at occassions, i felt there was a need to be simpler, rather than exaggerated. The makeup however was a letdown and could have been better by miles. While the production values of blinding lights was not as good on day 1, day 2 was better with the back to back shows running smoothly.

Having said all of that the purpose of this trade show, i.e. to propel business, should actually be the purpose of the two fashion weeks that occur in the country. However reducing them down to entertainment doesn’t cut it since at the end of the day it is a serious business.


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    Maliha Rao said:
    October 11, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Nicely done…*clap clap* *bows down* Kya likhtey hain aap sir jee! Wah!

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