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The Karachi Fashion Council, recently had a makeover of sorts, thanks to the elections that were held. While the council has postponed the upcoming fashion week indefinitely to chalk out the details, the wait better be worth it. However with the PFDC pulling out all stops with its fashion weeks that they organize regularly, The Karachi Fashion council have yet to show the same consistency of quality.


Pulling out the Karachi Council from the troubled waters, the responsibilities now falls on the shoulders of three new ladies, Sanam Chaudhri as Chairperson, Wardha Saleem as CEO and Maheen Karim as spokesperson. These ladies have cropped up on the fashion scenario recently with their impeccable fashion shows to critical acclaim. However how much of a business acumen do these ladies are able to bring to the table is waited to be seen. With many members of the council namely Adnan Pardesy, Feeha Jamshed, Rizwanullah and Zaheer Abbas switching to the PFDC, one of the major blows that came in was in the news when Amir Adnan joined PFDC as one of the corporate board members. One definitely gets the message loud and clear as to where the council stands. However the council is just not in the mood to throw in the towel just yet. Infusing it with new blood, one may hope that this one would resurrect itself from the downhill that it has spiralled into. With these young guns all set to turn around the course of this council, it is yet to be seen in which direction do they steer it.

With Sanam Chaudhri, Wardha Saleem and Maheen Karim helming council’s major positions, one is hopeful of good things to come. They have already set the ball rolling and came out at with a calendar with well marked plan of action. Outlining the plan for next year which includes a Fashion Night Out, FPW 6 and FPW 7 and a trunk show with upcoming fashion/design students titled GENEX, the newly established council have started off on a good note. Also in the pipelines are further plans to collaborate with FPCCI to ‘give local brands international exposure(sic).’ Idealistic but not impossible, this step to increase the export and promote the business of fashion is waiting to be tapped. Furthermore an advisory committee was also established with many stalwarts of the industry to guide the council with their experience.

It is, however, too early to judge these ladies in their respective roles, since they have their own businesses to run to apart from the newly added responsibility. However bringing in maximum business for the industry is no mean feat but members are positive that they would be able to do so. History has a tendency to repeat itself, but there are those who tend to make it too. However the fear of suffering the same fate as their seniors cannot be ruled out either.

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