Sweeney Todd

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IMG-20131102-WA0023 IMG-20131102-WA0024

I’M WEARING: Jacket (HI END)/Shirt (Stitched up)/ Scarf (from my trip to india)/ Pants (Denizen) / Shoes (Ballys) / Gloves (Roadside vendors)/ Make up by Maliha Rao

For a Halloween Bash, I dressed up as Sweeney Todd for the occasion. As the bash was thematic to 7 deadly sins, who better to portray gluttony. Since I had the hair for it, I had to go for Sweeney (wish I had the jawline too). The overlap collared jacket is from an online retailer that got me this, possibly from Thailand. The label reads ‘HIEND’ but that is a brand unknown to me. The basic white button down shirt was the one I was planning to get dyed. Glad I did not. The lightweight cotton shirt came as a blessing under all those layers since it is still pretty hot in Karachi. I sneaked the scarf out from my sister. Got it for her from Kolkata while on my visit to India. I picked up the wool gloves from roadside vendors and cut off the fingers. The pants are staple black skinny denim from Denizen and the shoes are from Ballys. One of the reasons I look, what i look like is because of the makeup which was done by my friend Maliha Rao (link above…keep a lookout if you are a makeup enthusiast…she would put up a tutorial for her own and maybe for this look too…she went as the sugar skull frida kahlo) One of the best compliments that I got was that it was a modern twist on a classic look 😀 .

One thought on “Sweeney Todd

    […] I waded my wardrobe, discussesd it with a couple of people and decided on Sweeney todd (read here) to display gluttony along with Maliha Rao who headed off as Frida […]

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