Go Mango!!

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Ever since Mango has launched in Karachi, Pakistan, it has been attracting its bit of audience that swear by the brand. While the brand has not yet tapped into a mass market, like its abroad counterparts, one does need to realize that the brand is in its nascent stages and needs to develop that niche market before it can go mass. The competition is not kind either with many local high street brands within the same vicinity. However in its short period, Mango has managed to garner a good audience for itself which swears by the product.

IMG_4833 IMG_4921

However Mango definitely has that edge over others in terms of its product. As one has started to begin to feel the slight nip in the air, Mango has launched its winter collection that hit its store just at the right time. Winters is a perfect time to experiment with layers and mango gives you that effortless option to do so while being minimalist chic. The presentation that was held at the Dolmen Mall clifton was neat and free from any OTT drama. The clothes ranged from Boho chic dresses and tunics, which had a lot of dark florals and relaxed silhouette to masculine vibe (denim and leather jackets, printed jackets and pants) and evening wear. Some of the digitally printed pieces were quite fetching. I loved the fact that the brand was bang on with the trend and loved the inclusion of plaids for the winter. Furthermore a couple of pants with highlighted accent due to the use of two different material also caught my attention. While I was okay with the dresses, I was not too keen on the maxis that were shown during the presentation, as they seemed to lack a much more polished look that the brand set the bar at in other areas. The color palette was much more somber and dark, blues greys, earthy browns, black and whites (considering its winter) and were all set to make anyone to look fab in these ensembles in upcoming season. Like the usual mango outfits, these could be styled up or styled down as one would feel like.

DSC_0151 DSC_0153
DSC_0087 DSC_0035

While the store only houses womenswear, I am pretty sure if HE by Mango were to be opened in the same vicinity, I would have gone pretty much bankrupt by now, but it would be worth every dime *sigh*. The well attended event was hassle free and to top it all had not gone overboard with their styling and presentation. While from the presentation I liked a jumpsuit with a metal belt, a few floral dresses, an asymmetric top  and a leather jacket, there were a few pieces in the catalogue too that I picked out but they had not made their way to the stores just yet. I am assuming that in due time (i.e. almost 4 months of winter) they will be there. Get it before its gone.

DSC_0031 IMG_5016
IMG_5060 DSC_0092

PR and Marketing was done by Nadine Imam (Brand Manager Pakistan, Mango) and Ali Akber.
Make up and Hair was by N-Pro and Nabila
Choreography was by Zurain Imama and Nadine Imam
Official Photography was by Sana Sultan
P.S. Miranda Kerr is the new official face of the brand.

2 thoughts on “Go Mango!!

    That Paki Boy said:
    November 10, 2013 at 10:52 am

    omg! I love mango! But you’re right, HE would have got us bankrupt (but aren’t we all 20’s people poor already 😉 ). I lOVE that leather jacket.

    You know, i notice that they have clothes quite different from our brands. So yes, they might have a bit of edge there.

      owais responded:
      November 10, 2013 at 10:54 am

      i knoww … but as i said that lighter pocket would be worth it hanging in our closet 😛

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