Doing Denim

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I’M WEARING: Jacket (Cambridge)/ Tee (Uth Oye) / Pants (Yellow) / Shoes (1st Step)

I never thought I would give into this trend but I got this great deal on the Jacket from Cambridge (only 900 bucks!! I thought it was definitely a steal) and it would have been a shame if it would have been just in my closet. The denim jacket oscillates between somewhere a jacket and a shirt. Not suffocatingly very warm, but does the trick for Karachi weather. Denim on denim is one trend that I pretty much never and read again NEVER imagined on my self… takes me back to my bad 90s days… but it wasn’t that bad. Have to say the look made me a little BUTCH 😛 … Paired up the jacket with a graphic tee from Uth Oye (for people like me who don’t like half sleeve t.shirts but love the print… pair them up with a jacket). The pair of jeans from YELLOW (The Bangladeshi brand has fast become one of my go-to store and I always have someone along with me not to overtly spend there) is one of my favs. Rounded off the look with red plaid sneakers… Kinda love the 90s vibe from the look .. though still quite.. it was after quite a while I wore something in upper garment as a top.


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