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NICKIE NINA‘s Whole Collection
Nickie Nina (15) Nickie Nina (3) Nickie Nina (17)
Nickie Nina’s whole collection: Nickie Nina’s latest offering at PLBW offered nothing much exciting in terms of bridal wear. While the collection titled GARDEN PARTY comprised of outfits in a pastel and reds colors, the monochrome did not offer much in terms of silhouette. The safe collection at points had me going, ‘yeah! Those facebook ‘designer’ aunties can make similar stuff’ , and thus was pretty much a disappointment. The collection was lacklustre and failed to make any impact.

SAAI by Sahar Atif (13) SAAI by Sahar Atif (11) SAAI by Sahar Atif (10)
Saai or rather .. *Sigh*….Seher Atif… that was all I could muster up after I saw the tie and dye cacophony on the ramp that had me questioning the bridal wear. The collection started off with these tie and dye pieces that had me going WHY??? And NO pairing THAT tie and dye with golden does not make it cross over in the bridal category. The collection later moved onto hand worked details with the similar color palette of reds, blues and gold. The OTT styled more than marred the already damaged collection and while I did notice the use of KIRAN (a gold frill finishing) but was done so strangely on the tie and dye dopatta that it made it look more rustic than luxe (no problems with going rustic but trying to make it weirdly luxe is )

Sonia Azhar (19) Sonia Azhar (8) Sonia Azhar (7)
Sonia’s angels: Emulating Victoria’s secret like wings doesn’t make your presentation as good. Sonia Azhar’s collection definitely revoked a response, but not the good kind. The collection comprised of traditionally tried n tested silhouette albeit some with bad fittings. A few motifs were questionable and the oversized Givenchy-esque earings along with the wings made for an unnecessary drama to the clothes that were not substantial enough on their own. If similar amounts of efforts would have been put in designing the clothes as much as creating those wings, it would have been somewhat better. The last outfit though, totally disconnected from the collection, however was better of them all

Deena Rahman (40)
Deena’s misses: Where Deena scored in her higher hemmed tunics and tops, and her brilliantly minimalistic styling, she dipped in some areas too. While the off shoulder long tunics and blouses she did in the way she did were reminiscent of the nineties and bollywood, the stiff fabric for the sari was rather an unwise choice. However it was the last outfit that was the deal breaker for me. The finale outfit with its velvet choli and stiff drape came across as sloppy and rather an unpolished look. Furthermore the stiff fabric didn’t make for a good, what seemed like, hybrid of a gharara and a skirt.

Elan 10-10-13 (95) Elan 10-10-13 (948) Elan 10-10-13 (707)
Elan Makes a Boo boo: While there has been a hue and cry about the Elan going the Manish Malhotra route, with some calling it an inspiration while others accusing her of plagarization. Let’s get down the record straight. While both the countries may share roots, Elan chose to utilize a similar motif even the same placement for the motif as Manish, if one had to use a trend and has seen it around, one does need to change it up to different silhouettes (case in being ali xeeshan who changed it up quite a bit). That aside, Elan’s presentation was not really one of the impressive ones on the ramp. The silhouettes were pretty much non experimental and stuck to traditional, safe, tried and tested route. The use of flowers as accessories added to my woes and struck a wrong note.

Sania Maskatiya (24) Sania Maskatiya (2) Sania Maskatiya (45) Sania Maskatiya (49)
Sania Missed out: While Sania Maskatiya scored on the use of seperates and some pretty interesting silhouettes, there were quite a few issues in some pieces that this tilism could not charm the way out of. The opening piece with its magenta colored sharara (liked the concept of seperates) was at an odd fitting around the crotch. With a color that noticeable and fabric like that, the fittings (yes the cardinal sin in my books) needed to be done. Furthermore a black and white layered piece with a cape and the front motif was definitely ageing. It is rare to get black and white wrong (case in being sana safinaz) but Sania somehow managed to do so. Not one of her brightest moments. Also a pair of palazzos with an embroidered tube top that seemed like a transition from her luxury prêt to bridal, seemed at odds at fittings around the hip and more so made for a foil like effect at the lower body ( I dream of jeanie deja vu), and a motif on the lower backside of one of the outfits (nuff said!!) . Having said one has to give to Sania to step out of the usual bridal comfort zone. 



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