Fashion Pakistan Week is back

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Ever since the last Fashion Pakistan week was postponed, one had pretty much given up the hope of some decent fashion outing and were not really hopeful of Fashion Pakistan week. After the new council took charge, this is their first fashion week they are putting forward and it is waited to be seen, how do they fare in terms of putting the whole show together. While the lineup does seem impressive, it is waited to be seen how the whole show commences.
fpw-wallpaper (1)

Confirmed Designers
Ali Xeesahn
Aamna Aqeel
Adnan Pardesy
Deepak Perwani
Faraz Mannan
Fahad Hussayn
Maybelline Trend Show
Mahin Hussain
Nomi Ansari
Nauman Arfeen
Nida Azwer
Shamaeel Ansari
Tapulicious by Tapu Javeri (featuring Kamiar Rokni, Mohsin Ali & HSY),
Wardha Saleem
Zainab Chottani
Gruadate Show- 8LOOKS BY AIFD
Gruadatae Show- 8LOOKS BY IVS
Gul Ahmed
Kayseria Pret

FPWS2014 is being choreographed by HSY & Productions with back stage management by Production [021] & show production by CKO. Tapu Javeri has been engaged for all official photography for the event while PR of the event has been undertaken by the PR department of HUM Network Ltd.


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