What to expect in FPW6 – Daaman

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Ever since its inception 4 years ago high street brand by Maleeha Chaudhry, Daaman has been steadily but surely making its mark in the fashion business. Tucked away quietly Daaman, with its minimum publicity has found its way to the closets of women all over the country and abroad (they have a brilliant online retail model business). Now coming out of the cocoon, Daaman has decided to make its debut on the ramp and decidedly so this season at FPW6. Now the catch is … working as a Fashion Designer at Daaman and one of the people who worked on this collection, gives me an added advantage of giving you much more than a sneak peek. 🙂


The pictures don’t do much justice to the colors. The collection’s feel is quite relaxed. The color palette is bright and unapologetic neons along with some unexpected pastels. This Daaman chick knows her mind and knows it well. Using cottons, chiffons and jersey, the pieces I can tell you are chic, fun and flirty in their essence. We at Daaman, have designed these pieces so they can be switched around as separates, to be styled according to personal taste. Our fun prints have been a blast to work with. Print on print is a major trend which will emerge from this show 🙂 Ah! how I wish I could share everything right now but my boss is gonna kill me if i do that .. heheh !!!

What’s more is most of these pieces will make their way to the store, obviously in altered variations, but they will. While some of the prints in different silhouettes are already in store, the pieces from the collection have already been sent into production and will be up for grabs at Daaman store and the online store. You better keep a lookout for it, coz this is one collection you would not want to miss

Hoping you like it as much as us, the design team at Daaman, enjoyed making the collection.

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