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LaLa textile’s aimed at doing what Keysaria did with their last show i.e. moving on from the usual paneled  and flared  kameez for a much more contemporary collection in order to cover a wide range of spectrum in terms of their clientele. By appealing to the youth they probably did want to revamp their image and for that they brought on Wardha Saleem on board for styling.

However the prints were nothing home to talk about. In many cases they were unimaginative, with basic tonal colors which were not matured or combined for a sophisticated color palate, AND NO IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN PASSED OFF AS KITSCH. The prints were run of the mill (pun totally intended) florals and paisleys that could not have been told apart if kept with other prints in the market. These prints were later strewn into silhouettes of baggy kurtas, bubble hem tunics and gypsy skirts that have long gone off the trend charts for pretty much more than half a decade. The finale outfit sported by the brand ambassador Iman Ali was sloppy to say the least. The upper half done with a print that did not accentuate the body type of the model, I do not blame even if Wardha could not salvage this collection. The clothes clearly lacked the required finish.

In order to make an impact on a platform, a much formidable approach was needed to be in order. Sorry but a much updated team was required to create those prints and make those clothes for them to be styled creatively enough for the ramp. Sometimes you do not need so much to happen to make an impact. Simple is chic too. If mediocrity is what you will offer, it will sell if there are no options (which is sadly the case in many regions).

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team


One thought on “LaLa Land

    That Paki Boy said:
    February 24, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    Spot on. La la land mei hi rehte hain LaLa walay 😀

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