Mixed Bag

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Aamna Aqeel’s Summer Outburst was a followup to an impressive debut last year. Being under pressure to deliver, and making it to the coveted list of designers who were showing, it was a show people were waiting for . From her edgy outing, Aamna opted for a much more quintessential luxury pret feminine line, a far cry from what we have seen of her. The collection that was inspired by all things summer was all quite all over the place with elements not gelling in conclusively together resulting in a mish mash of sorts sent on the runway.

In a bit of convoluted palatte of colors that had citrus and pastels together, the collection made use of fabrics such as silks and chiffons  handworked onto with embroidery. The abstract patterns with crystal embroidered details were not appealing and admist the solids stuck out like a sore thumb. With diamond studded eyebrows, the first outfit, a cape, that came down the runway started off things on a wrong note with handwork stuck and not budging (it did not even come off during final walk ). The chiffon front short, back long tank would have worked with the pants were skinnys but between those straight capris and bejewelled hemline, the plot got lost somewhere. The overlapped skirt too did not make sense in a collection that was suppose to be relaxed in its approach. Also the shapeless horizontally embroidered tunic with one of the better tailored pants lacked the finishing touch that we have witness Aamna deliver. After a studded affair this seemed like a much more relaxed but a disappointing lackluster outing of sorts.

However there were a few moments that had me notice quite a few pieces. An orange diamond printed pants were nicely fitted and had a brilliant print (the top could have been chic-er). The finale piece, the vintage rose print skirt with a tank, that echoed Dior and a homage to Zara Shahjahan (after her vintage roses print collection), was chic and probably one of the nicely made pieces from the collection . I also liked what Sarwat Gilani adorned, the watermelon color paired with black belt and black pears looked perfect on her esp. with that hint of marcel waves added a much more polished vintage touch to the ensemble.

However I had a few picks from it (no, all was not lost). A pearl studded beige upper with fawn knee length dress echoed a lady like feminitiy. The blue self printed dress with bejewelled hemline was just the right amount of bling needed and also a sheer long navy blue dress that had me at the right shade of that indigo blue.

TapuFP6_1086 TapuFP6_1038 TapuFP6_0971

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team.


One thought on “Mixed Bag

    umairhmirza said:
    February 26, 2014 at 10:47 am

    “mixed bag” . thanks for being considerate , atleast in the title. haha

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