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HSY’s resort collection titled VENOM opened up the Fashion Pakistan Week 2014. Known for his OTT and luxe collections, Hassan Shehryar Yasin or popularly known as HSY went a bit a minimal route for his debut showing at the FPW platform. Delving into a darker theme of revenge and femme fatale, if you are aware of his works, will not appeal to you in the first outing. It is now that I am reviewing it, I can see the change of track that he took with a darker color palette.

The venom theme revolved around a darker color palette of blacks, dark beiges, golds and blacks. With ombre effects and patterns, the silhouettes ranged from streamlined jumpsuits to layered pants, bustiers, jackets and moving onto voluminous shirts and skirts. What caught my eye were the graphic chevron lowers that were layered with sheer fabrics. From chiffons to printed silks the collection was more luxury than pret but viewing his last collections, this has to be included as his most wearable one.

The collection was heavy on contrasts and prints especially the snake skin print (the VENOM connection) juxtaposed with graphic chevrons and floral handworked embroideries. While he may have started off with a minimal route, the latter pieces of the collection did include the usual OTT that he is known for but we have seen him do better. Major gripe was that while one of the other jumpsuit (first one) was impeccably fitted, the strapless snake skin printed jumpsuit with sweetheart neckline a black long upper was really oddly fitted around the crotch area. Also a red piece with sunshine yellow floral embroidery, the tones of those colors did not quite gel well.

My picks, the ombre jumpsuit, the chevron jacket and the red bustier with layered pants. Instant love with all three of them.. I love jumpsuits for men..provided they are styled well..while I wore  a jumpsuit second day on the red carpet myself (more on that later), I loved the ombre one. The graphic chevron print was drool worthy, one of the pieces I have my eye on and that shade of red was bang on perfect
TapuFP6_0239 TapuFP6_0288 TapuFP6_0253

*Images Courtesy Tapu Javeri and his team 

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